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By: William Larsen  – Civilians News –  “News For All Views”   

CiviliansNews.com is a community of readers with the intention to create real, long term change, in the United States and abroad.

Civilians News was founded in 2011, on the principal of “news for all views.”

This foundation, works to “unite,” rather than “divide,” our voice…. because;

-When 60k military veterans are homeless on any given night, we must speak up!

-When oil money, becomes more important than the fate of the human race (IE the keystone XL pipeline), and solutions are not being sought quickly enough, to transition the WORLD away from oil and gas economies, we must use our voice!

-When the effects of climate change are accepted by 97% of scientists, including NASA, yet certain members of Congress continue to deny facts such as; record ocean temperatures and historically unusual weather patterns. We must use our voice!

-When America is in a never ending, “War on Terror,” despite most American’s being unaware (and untold by mass media outlets), of the astounding facts abroad. We must use our voice!

-When a piece of garbage the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean and the human race fails to react, much less organize to fix such a tragedy, we must use our voice! 

-When the world’s Oceans are ignored and polluted, both in the US and abroad, without major action and discourse from the mass media. We must use our voice!

-When “The Board of Education” refuses to evolve, after 50 years of mundane lectures, then we must seek solutions to create a better future!

-And in particular, when Occupy Protesters are battered by police or worse…… someone has to speak up….. And we are those people.

Out of that fire and with those goals in mind, Civilians News was born….. That’s why today Civilians News is a news network, independent of lobbyists and bi partisan bias, with actual goals to make our world a better place.

Civilians News…. News for ALL views….. Because when major news networks put profit shares, and commercial money before our future, Civilians must take a stand!

So join us, join our readership…. follow us on social media, and actively engage our website, CiviliansNews.com!

Thank you.

William Larsen; Founder of CiviliansNews.com 2011.

*Founded in 2010, in Portland, Oregon, CiviliansNews.com is personally run by; political science major, philanthropist, artist and activist, William Robert Larsen III.

About Civilians News

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