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By: William Larsen   “News For All Views”   

About the author: William Larsen. 



William Larsen is a freelance journalist from Walled Lake, Michigan.

William is an alumnus of Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He attended law school for 1 semester, but dropped out before completing his first year (upon failing torts, a class he cared not for, since he despises that aspect of legality). He tested into law school with a 152 LSAT before dropping out of graduate school in 2011.

William is an avid; philosopher, futurist, entertainer, political pundit, clear minded thinker, conservative yet progressive voice, voice of the homeless, voice of the youth, and a blogger. William has actively protested in several movements across America dating back to 2006. In 2006 William participated in the Iraq War protests, held in Washington D.C… Today Larsen is an active participant in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which began in 2011 when he began CiviliansNews.com….


About The Author