An Open Letter To The Board Of Education

By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”   

To whom it may concern, at The Board of Education,

I feel cheated, I feel used and I feel degraded, by the education that I received from my Public Education System. A system administered by the U.S. Board of Education…..

How egocentric are we as a nation….. to focus strictly upon our own history? Furthermore, how mundane are curriculum’s that don’t properly divulge American history, before the European invasion of 1492…..?

20 million Native American’s occupied this land, before 1492, yet even during my college history courses, very little was ever spoken about this time period in American history. (A time period rich in conservation and becoming 1 with nature….)

With that in mind, it seems obvious as to why xenophobia is becoming such an issue in the United States today. Are we so cynical as a nation, so proud as a nation, that we cannot focus more of our curriculum, on the past lessons of nations all around the world? Why not focus more extensively on; South American, Russian, Australian, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Native American and European history?

Einstein once said, history is the most important class in general education…….

Einstein also said that he was discouraged, by the mundane nature of public schools, as he applauded the importance of imagination……. Granted, Einstein was taught mostly from European institutions, his point rings true today…… How is it that an education system remains so stagnant, so benign to the changing world and so mundane, decade after decade……? How is it that science and technology, change every single year, yet our students are still learning in the same monotonous fashion as they were 50 and 60 years ago? Are we so closed minded as a nation, as to think that we can’t evolve the sheer process of learning itself?

I myself can attest, that after reaching graduate school, post college graduation (from my State sponsored University), that I often couldn’t even string together proper grammar, for some years after college, due to my disdain for the monotony, which has all but destroyed America’s public education system today.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

As an American student myself only 5 years ago, not only was my public education insufficient….. but the mundane and monotonous form of teaching, that is so common in America, almost turned me away from reading entirely. It was not until I discovered philosophy, ON MY OWN, that I truly began to break the surface of what I was capable of as a student….. And even then, I didn’t fully grasp the capability of my mind until I began searching for answers on my own, through science, physics and philosophy…… In hindsight my time in American public schools nearly ruined these subjects for me, as opposed to igniting the desire to explore the fields of science and philosophy and to truly grasp the wonder of my imagination.

The standard practice; memorization, memorization, and more memorization, taught me nothing. I learned almost nothing memorizing answers for teachers, who often times asked, that I simply repeat the views they themselves held. While I will admit, some of my public educators did in fact take the time to inspire me as a child, most did not. In fact most of my teachers growing up, pushed me away from learning entirely, due to their close minded and rigid styles of practice, administered by the US Board of Education.

For this reason, I can also attest first hand, that CHEATING is becoming a crippling issue in American public schools today…. A practice I believe, is an offset of these mundane and outdated education techniques… something I think has long been overlooked by the U.S. Board of Education! I believe this is occurring, not because of technology…. but because of the rigid and close minded parameters of an education system which no longer rewards thinking, but simply focuses on memorization and fact checking!

I saw dozens of students cheat themselves and their schools, from their very own education, simply because the Board of Education has for so long taught our students in such outdated fashions. It felt so cumbersome to memorize and repeat, memorize and repeat, because today’s American classroom is so mundane and monotonous!

Walled Lake Central high School

Walled Lake Central high School

Not only that, in high school, my school, a “blue ribbon high school,” an honor reserved for schools of exemplary credibility….. commenced far too early in the morning! My school started at 7:15am……. Well…. after waiting for the bus at 6am…. arriving to school at 7am, and missing breakfast due to time constraints…. I was half awake most days by the time 1st period rolled around…. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND IMPRACTICAL! This is egregious! How are we to spark the interest of students, as adults, when teenagers in high school today can barely stay awake!

These are but a few of the vast complaints I have regarding American Public Education today, complaints I hope are carefully examined by the Board of Education. I hope this letter finds someone who genuinely CARES, because this letter is about the students who will one day lead this great country of ours….. At the root, the very core of our country, is the U.S. Board of Education…. and it would be unforgivable to corrode another generation, the way my generation was corroded throughout the past several decades, due to the mundane and outdated nature of public schools today.

Thank you for your time.

-William Larsen



An Open Letter To The Board Of Education