The 6 Hour Work-Day

July 2nd 2019 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– “The 6 Hour Work-Day” –

It’s time to consider shortening the average work-day…. to 6 hours….

I feel this way because shortening the average work-day would create jobs and also give more Americans the time they need, for things like personal health and parenting.

Despite my opinion, this proposal is often met with harsh criticism… mostly because our country has implemented, “the 8 hour work-day,” since the early 1900’s.

Furthermore, our President claims that the current economy is booming, leaving no need to change, “the 8 hour work-day.” Google also states that, “when unemployment ticked down to 3.7 percent in September 2018, that marked the lowest job-less rate…. since December 1969, per The Bureau Of Labor Statistics.”

Nevertheless, whether you trust internet based statistics or not….. the heart of the issue remains, “everyone needs to earn a living,” and shortening the average work-day… could create more jobs.

Working in NYC, earning a living can be multi-faceted……… working extra hours for grocery money, working two jobs, or staying up long hours, is not uncommon here in New York. In fact, in 2017,  the last time I spent any significant amount of time in my home state of Michigan, working 2 jobs had become normalcy, in Detroit… as well.

Think about that….. in Detroit, Michigan, working 2 jobs has become NORMAL…CY.

Now, consider the average 8 hour work-day, plus transit….. and it’s easy to see why mental health and pharmaceutical drugs… continue to plague this country. Yet, the old reality continues ….. in almost every American’s quest to earn a living, a lack of free time….

Lest we forget…. in generations past, woman would not work as frequently, often leaving more jobs for men……. In generations before that, minorities were excluded from large portions of the job market, also leaving more jobs for majority whites…….. Alas, in past decades, war has also created jobs, while diverting large numbers of the workforce, to fight overseas…….

This era however, benefits from none of these, “job creating mechanisms.” Furthermore, in many ways, the government mechanism most commonly used today, in terms of, “population and job control,” is suicide…… from what I’ve seen. (Colin Powell shared an article on this epidemic, yesterday, actually.)

But nobody ever talks about that, either….. as I believe both homosexuality and suicide… are directly linked to both poverty and homelessness.

In either case, how do we combat the issue of, “modern day job creation,” in a way where EVERYONE has the opportunity to earn a living, while co-existing in today’s modern economy?

And I believe that answer….. is to shorten the average work-day… to 6 hours. Also, while rationalizing this conclusion, I turned to an unlikely place……. baseball.


The Baseball Economy


Part analogy… but also, “a congruent reality,” Major League Baseball has sought to work more people into their work-force, as well.

In fact, the Yankee’s are basically treating the first half of the 162 game season, as an extension of the minor leagues…. at times playing 6, or 7, reserve players.

Furthermore, in doing so…. it has often felt like a minor league Yankee’s club…. almost chameleon-ing themselves to fit in with the growing number of franchises, like the Tampa Bay Rays, who have been relegated to the B-side of Major League Baseball. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, so by treating the first half of the monotonously long, 162 game season…. like an extension of the minor leagues, the Yankee’s can chameleon themselves into making, “the baseball wealth gap,” not seem so bad…… (*In my opinion this is analogous to the effects of disability, as well as the ongoing rhetoric surrounding job creation.)

It is also no secret that the baseball season is too long. 162 games, plus travel time, plus the monotonously long hours of practice required to play in the Major Leagues, has become more and more grueling for players….

Now, with that being said….. I personally don’t think all the Yankee’s are truly hurt………

This is an analogy, but it’s not……. this is just as much, “a congruent reality,” as it is an analogy, of the greater economy……..

With players now, “pacing themselves,” for the grueling 162 game season, many players have begun taking extended leaves of absence, both creating jobs for younger players… while simultaneously giving poorer teams, like the Tampa Bay Rays, a chance to avoid bankruptcy…… In many ways, it’s almost as though Major League Baseball is saying, without saying…….. “work more guys into your company, give more guys a chance…” akin to the rhetoric from Washington D.C. concerning, “job creation.”

AND WHAT’S THE HARM? The Yankee’s are still going to make the playoffs……. Amazon is still going to reach their quota…. and Apple is still going to sell I-phones…..

So, while working 2 jobs has become normalcy….. and as it continues to grow increasingly difficult to own a car, or home, I’ve noticed that many businesses are now relying more upon, “part time work.” (*Like the Yankees.)

Shorter hours, more shifts, more people getting an opportunity… and more turnover……….

I can personally attest to having worked at 7, or 8 different jobs, since moving to NYC, back in January 2017 (almost 3 years ago). Now, I think in past decades that that much job turnover would be viewed as, “a personal problem,” however…. in today’s REALITY, I don’t find it to be un-common…. In fact, the only thing rare about having 7, or 8 jobs… over a 3 year span, in today’s economy… is admitting to it on your resume…….. whereby, I think a lot of people today just lie about their work history… in order to avoid feeling, “marginalized,” by the ever changing status quo…..

In fact, many of my bosses have typically paid me 1000$, or 2000$, or even 5000$ dollars, whatever they felt comfortable paying me…. in order to work for 2, or 3, or 4 months… then they grow sick of me and decide to hire someone new, usually just before I gain enough experience to threaten the people above me, within the company.

This is the REALITY of the modern day economy……. and you see it all over, where companies prop people up, who are non-threatening to them…….

Also, not only is the NY Yankee’s 2019 season an analogy of this circumstance, but it’s the reality……

Part time work, means more vacation time for higher up’s and more job turnover….. which creates jobs……..

Furthermore, by rotating staff, higher up’s never have to feel threatened by their younger employee’s gaining experience on the job.

This is the reality of the modern day economy and now it’s seemingly just a matter of our countries status quo, accepting this reality and adjusting accordingly, in my opinion…..

And by, “adjusting accordingly,” I mean that perhaps our country ought to consider…… cutting the average work day to 6 hours, essentially recognizing these trends… and then evolving the status quo.

In fact…. I believe that by cutting the average work week to 30 hours, essentially 5, 6 hour shifts, that not only would more people be hired, but more people would be more productive….. as well. I also believe that by cutting the average work week to 30 hours, more people would have an adequate amount of time to spend with their families, or workout, after work. This could be massively beneficial for individuals who are; combating depression, parenting, or fighting obesity… which many people are prone to now-a-days, working a 40 hour work week.

Yes, I’m proposing a 30 hour work week to combat bad parenting and obesity…… with the idea that this additional free time, could then be used for people to live healthier lives………

162 baseball games… is just too many games……..

-William Larsen