Alternative Evolution: The Power Of Music In Politics

August 11th 2017 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– Alternative Evolution: The Power Of Music In Politics.-

In Britain; causing a stir, rawkus, or down right yelling…. are common aspects of the political process.

In America, “Iron Triangles,” are considered public knowledge and mostly dictate politics.

In Saudi Arabia, a royal family still rules, through DNA………

But where’s the common ground? Politics and decision making. Decisions have to be made, societies change, cultures change, people change and things change too.

But who decides how things change? Who decides, if we allocate resources to our oceans? Or if we save animals from going extinct? At the end of the day, how do these decisions go into law….

More specifically, who decides where a country will turn next? I’ve brought this up before, but when will we stop, “the same old conversation about creating jobs?” Or will some of these political issues ever reach a conclusion?

Take the issue of race in America…… You can fight racism all you want. You can stand up against racism, mix cultures, mix ethnic groups, create different social settings……. Yet, at the end of the day, when race and competition intertwine, there’s always turmoil…….. In fact, even in the most Utopian future, competition itself, mixed with race, often feels like a never ending dispute……. How can someone favor one person, without neglecting another?

So you have these political disputes, that seem to never end….. and in my opinion, some of these issues MIGHT NEVER END, but how will they change society? Or, will our ancestors talk about, “race and job creation,” 200 years from now? What about 500 years from now? Personally, I would hope they did not. Personally, I would feel poorly if they did. In fact, I would feel like we didn’t do our part as a society, in terms of progressing society, if that future, were to take place. I for one, would personally feel poorly, if society remained so stagnant…. socially, politically and culturally speaking.

That’s why I bring up the concept of, “alternative evolution(s),” today……. Because society does have choices…. political decisions have taken our society to this Zenith and they will take it beyond, where we are today.

But what is, “an alternative evolution?”

“Alternative evolution,” is a phrase that I use to describe alternative paths for society……. How often do people even think about the magnitude, of some of the smallest decisions, in our society today? For example, politics in music….. In America, music dealing with politics, is often considered, “taboo,” or, “overbearing,” by the general public. But why?

What if things were different? What if music wasn’t considered taboo, when it was made for the sake of politics? What if songs, dealing with issues like; gun violence, the environment, or even equality itself, got radio play, in favor of current American mainstream music?

A change in that political landscape alone, could impact a number of things…… and this would constitute, “an alternative evolutionary path.” Basically, what I mean to point out, is that small decisions, like mixing music and politics, albeit seemingly small, often have a much greater impact on society and the future of society, then people tend to think…. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT…. What if MUSIC, was combined with politics and mainstream culture? Or, what if athletes spoke out about politics before games, essentially swaying public opinion? What if performances were more than just art?

What if….. heart, effort and passion, through musical, or athletic performances, impacted government? What if the media had more say?

Regardless, the media today, remains hesitant to speak out, in favor of speaking out, on political issues…. For example, the Colin Kaepernick saga, in the NFL today.

But what if things were different? To me, this concept constitutes, “an alternative evolutionary path,” or another evolutionary path, un-chosen…….

What if politics and music, were thought of in the same light? Perhaps, in centuries past, this has already occurred. Maybe this political landscape, where music and politics were intertwined, already occurred in; Africa, Rome or ancient Greek culture? It’s hard to say, especially with the, “revisionist history,” we tend to teach kids in American Public Schools.

But go beyond that, what other, “alternative evolutions,” are Americans not even considering today? How often do Americans even think in terms of, “alternative evolution?”

There’s a real stigma in this country, to just accept things as they are, and then to consider them, “right or fair,” based simply on reality…..

For example, one last, “alternative evolution,” which I believe.. is worth at least, “a talk at the dinner table,” is making medical school free (or at least cheaper).

What if everyone had the opportunity to go to medical school? What if medical school was free, or made available to anyone who worked hard and trained themselves properly? Many countries, all around the world, need doctors… Yet, we charge in excess of $150,000 dollars, to obtain the knowledge to practice medicine, when doctors are in short supply, all over the world. So why is medical school so expensive? Wouldn’t the health care system greatly benefit from lowering medical tuition?……

Imagine… if medical school was free? Imagine the positive impact worldwide…… And again, this is such a small change, that would have such a huge effect…. worldwide…. That’s what I mean, when I say, “alternative social evolution,” or a way of life, that we haven’t chosen, that I think more people need to consider.

But…. there I go again, saying we should let the homeless, live in empty houses. Quick, censor the internet, before social security collapses.

-William Larsen, Civilians News.