America’s War On Women

February 18th 2016 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – “America’s War On Women” –

Is America ready to embrace a female President? Furthermore, will America evolve past a society, where women make 78 cents, for every dollar a man earns?

Over the past 5-6 decades women have grown more accustomed to pulling their own weight, within the American workplace. Now, for this reason, many Americans are currently questioning the evolution of America’s family dynamic. Whereas once upon a time, women were expected to only account for, “household duties,” women today, have taken on a whole new role, within the American family. This shift towards, “bread winning females,” is in many ways signified by Hillary Clinton’s 2016, “Brave,” campaign.

Today, women over the age of 16, makeup 47% of America’s labor participation, meaning that 72 million American women, over the age of 16, are currently employed in America today.

However, in turn, this social shift has also created cultural disputes concerning the employment of American woman, in the new, “economic landscape.” Furthermore, in many ways, this evolution, has pitted the prior generation, against the new generation, in terms of hard working American woman. Specifically, since the 1980’s, America has taken large strides in terms of gender equality, both domestically and abroad, but now what we’re seeing is a totally new economic equation.

In fact, it’s also worth noting, that in 1984, 80% of newly hired bartenders were woman…… by comparison, far fewer women were employed as bartenders, before 1980. Yet, since 1980, disputes over income equality and, “the types of jobs”  women have held, has come into question.(

For this reason, I believe the whole world is experiencing, “a new age war on women,” and this is particularly troubling, in the midst of Hillary Clinton’s run for office. So, I ask, how has a women not yet held the Presidency? This issue, I believe supersedes the more ritualistic and old fashioned, “family dynamics,” which I believe, are currently standing in the way of progress.

I also believe, in many ways, this lack of progress, is because the prior generation of women, don’t seem to understand the need for gender equality. Furthermore, it seems as though the prior generation of women fail to understand the current generation’s desire to lead.

Henceforth, I believe this, “new aged war on women,” is in many ways a bi-product of women themselves….

While today’s, “war on women,” is perhaps not as cut and dry as prior movements for gender equality, this movement’s substance, is no less important.

Raising the standards for women and changing these outdated family dynamics, in terms of both, bread winning and leadership capabilities, has clearly become the goal of this new generation. It is in this essence, that the modern gender dynamic ought to further reward ambitious, driven women, in and around the workplace. Nevertheless, today’s opposition remains fierce. Yet, once again, I believe this circumstance is mostly due to the prior generation of woman, as well as American men, who have been displaced in the American labor markets. Also, I believe rejecting this notion that gender equality is an imminent and pressing issue, could inevitably make the issue worse. Sadly, many people still seemingly don’t understand the plight of young American women, as well as this dynamic, which in many ways represents what I believe to be, “America’s war on women.”

Hillary For President?

Now……. with that being said….. Should American’s vote for Hillary Clinton in this year’s upcoming election, simply because she’s a female? Absolutely not.

By: William Larsen

Civilians News, “News For All Views.”