Civilian’s Speak Out: “End This Divisiveness!”

February 23rd 2020 – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – Civilian’s Speak Out: A think piece by Tyler Greenfield: “End This Divisiveness!” –

Every election cycle…. someone says, “this is the most important election ever!”

But what if it is? Will this become the most important era in US history? Or by adding significance to this election… are we instead nurturing an environment of fanatical and extremist, political behavior? My thoughts are the latter….. furthermore, this conundrum of, “significance,” versus, “extremism,” is now leading me to question, “identity politics,” within America today.

When someone can do no wrong and their follower’s minds cannot be changed… even by fact, then there is no democracy. Yet, I’ll also admit that I have my own political disposition and I typically oppose the establishment. Nevertheless, I truly believe that my candidate is the right person for the job and might even become the hero we all need!….

I’ve decided to leave that candidate un-named, for today’s article.

Which is my point…. all I see is division, both inside and outside of; the Supreme Court, Congress, the House of Representatives and the Presidency. Ask the next rabid apostle what their candidate(s) will actually propose, once he or she, is actually in office? What’s your candidate’s voting record?

Because I find that most Americans haven’t done their homework… as evidenced by the media. I also believe that more Americans today, than in prior elections… have been led to engage in toxic conversations, both in the real world and online… Furthermore, I think that this has been done intentionally, possibly in order to qwell nationalism, as well as to spurn political action by watering down the root of these arguments, online.

And that’s why this never-ending need to be heard and constant, “double down mentality,” is the topic of today’s article. To be clear, over the last year I have grown a distaste for the amount of, “divisive methods,” and, “combative politics,” which are already present in this year’s election… yet, the funny thing is…. that common sense feels all but lost, often scattered within the details of these debates. I’ve been watching the Democratic debates this past week and let me tell you… they’ve been interesting to say the least.

Bernie Sanders has a cult like following. Furthermore, “Bernie’ s following,” has seemingly forced his opponents to second guess themselves, when evaluating his calls for reform. Nevertheless, I predict that Bernie Sanders will win the upcoming Presidential election, possibly by a wide margin…. However, I also believe that hearing a plethora of candidates may be of greater importance, today. Simply put, my hope is that these debates evolve to become more about grass roots politics and less about the candidates themselves.

As it stands today…. either your candidate will win and you’ll be content with the results… or you’re going to feel as though you personally, “lost,” this November. However, nothing lasts forever, empires have crumbled and our choice’s have consequences… which is why I’m writing this article today. This moment is an opportunity, this is 1 in 1000 times, throughout human history, where the masses have had to come together… in the hope for many of us to individually improve our lives. It’s not about what’s politically correct! Solutions do exist and I believe that our very own, “two party system,” is creating unnecessary bureaucracy, which is standing in the way of progress. The two party system is old hat and we have almost 400 million citizens in this country, a far cry from the strict laurels that this nation was founded upon. So…. in conclusion, times are changing and I believe that, “identity politics,” needs to change with them!

By: Tyler Greenfield

Edited by: William Larsen


Tyler E. Greenfield

Civilians News Contributor.