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By: William Larsen  –  October 4th 2015  –  “News For All Views”  – “How The Internet Changed My Life” –

The internet changed my life, perhaps the internet changed everyone’s life.

Instead of watching television, often times people now-a-days elect to “watch people.” Instead of hurrying to the office, now-a-days people often submit their work with the click of a mouse.

Around 40% of the world’s population is on the internet today and for many of those 3 billion people, the internet has become a fixture of their daily lives.

Do you remember the first time you had a conversation online, but it felt just a little awkward when bringing up that same conversation later on, in real life?


Obviously social media has scene historic rises in consumption over the last decade, but slowly, the internet has undertaken many more adaptations. Many companies today, now schedule everything online, but furthermore many independent business’ now rely on the internet to connect directly with consumers.

This phenomenon, “the internet startup,” is perhaps the most intriguing of them all.

With a little bit of tech savvy, someone can build a website, generate traffic and create a small business right at home! Never before in human history, has the pursuit of happiness been so straight forward!

However, “the internet startup,” has also created a cautionary tale, in Silicon Valley and abroad, as to how people will use the internet moving forward.

In the early 1900’s, signs began to flood Times Square. Signs for hotels, manicures, drinks, cola’s, legal services, farming…. signs for anything a human might desire…. in a dog eat dog world. Soon those signs became billboards and those billboards began to cover every spec of ground that was visible to the human eye. This is very much the same phenomenon we are seeing today online. 

Early 20th century, Times Square postcard.

Early 20th century, Times Square postcard.

How does the internet, namely, how does Google, or Yahoo, or Facebook, or Twitter, decide who to recommend it’s viewers too?

As more and more business’ take to the information super highway, it becomes increasingly difficult to garner the audience needed, to create profitability…….

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The world can be a very scary place. Imagine if Google, decided only to give web traffic to corporate clients and not small business’…… Imagine if Google, or other search engines, unfairly diverted web traffic to only a select few internet business’…… This could potentially create a great deal of future economic inequality…….

What if Facebook, or Google, only sent traffic to corporate clients to increase their own profit margins……? This is a very real fear today….. both for Civilians News and many other small business’ around the world.

Recently, a fight in the Supreme Court took place, regarding internet provider’s ability to adjust the speed of web traffic, in favor of corporate clientele. This case fell on deaf ears for many Americans, but represented a historic turning point for the freedom of information and the future of online business.

internet boom

Ultimately, parameters were put in place to allow for a “fairer” internet, free of monopoly….. However, this event marked a critical turning point for the development of the internet itself. Imagine what could happen if those companies controlling the bulk of web traffic today, became more concerned with profit margins, then fair and equitable distribution of web traffic?

In conclusion, how the internet has changed the lives of some 3 billion people, worldwide, is NOT most important; but what is of paramount importance is how the internet develops moving forward…….. How internet businesses evolve to help online clients in the future, may very well shape the future world economy…. and many of these decisions have yet to be made. Furthermore, many of these decisions will depend on our voices, to determine the NEXT ERA of internet communication.

For this reason, established in 2011, Civilians News has come to fruition. With the goal of providing “news for all views,” Civilians News was established free of corporate bias, straight from grass roots Americans, to help with this development moving forward.

Thank you for reading. Civilians News!

William Larsen – Founder, Editor and Chief, of