The Hypocrisy Of Affirmative Action

December 2nd 2018 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” 

– The Hypocrisy Of Affirmative Action –

Pairing the words hypocrisy and affirmative action… might trigger a defensive emotional response, in some readers.

Nevertheless, that defensive response might be presumptuous, or fall victim to objectivity. So, for those who want to fully understand my perspective on public education, I’ve written a previous article on public school funding and that article can be found here. (Civilians News – Rodriguez vs Texas Schools)

Nevertheless, today and in that previous article, I want to discuss the landmark decision, “Texas Public Schools vs Rodriguez,” and that’s because this is a case which I believe has set precedence… for how public schools are STILL… un-equally financed, today. So, to re-iterate it was in this landmark decision, where it was decided that regional tax revenues, justified funding different public schools, differently. Furthermore, in my opinion… this one Supreme Court decision was / has been used to justify, “systemic class-ism,” from the onset of childhood development, since the 1970’s.

To clarify, public schools in regions with less tax revenue were (and still are) funded less than public schools which reside in wealthier school districts. Also, in retrospect… this decision appears racially biased, whereby, in modern times it feels even more egregious to think of unevenly funded public schools because of the interplay between public schooling and Affirmative Action, programs.

That is to say, “how does this funding system…. inter-play with affirmative action, today?” Or more specifically, how do you send certain kids to an un-evenly funded public school…. based on their regional tax revenue… penalizing their entire community for not paying the same amount in taxes as other communities…… but then you turn around and give those same kids priority, based on, “systemic racism?” (IE Affirmative Action.)

Isn’t that hypocritical, to say the least?

How do you punish a weaker school district, for not paying as much in taxes (by giving them a weaker public school)…. only to reward those same kids, who we’re just penalized?

-William Larsen, Civilians News

PS: Why not fund all public schools evenly? And then end Affirmative Action?