Is Covid-19 Covering Up A Broken Health-Care System?

July 5th 2020 – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

Is Covid-19 Covering Up A Broken Health-Care System?

Let’s start with math…..

“A major concern is medical costs. … whereby, a single symptomatic COVID-19 case could incur a median cost of $3,045 during the course of the infection alone.”

Question: But how many cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed thus far in the US? And how much will this disease inevitably cost America?

Answer: According to Google… 2.9 million cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed (*as of today) with 900k cured and 192k leading to death (statistical reference link). Nevertheless, the total number of outbreaks is still unknown and henceforth the total costs also remain unknown, at this time.

However, the 2.9m cases so far… x 3,045$ in health-care costs / per case… equals an estimated $8,830,500,000 (or 8.8 billion dollars) currently being paid directly to health-care workers, due to Covid-19.

8.8 billion dollars so far…. and that’s a lot of money… with the potential for more outbreaks and more spending on the horizon. But with that being said, what is America getting for this 8.8 billion dollars? And is Covid-19 inevitably just going to turn into a political or economic ploy, characterized by the daily news cycle? Whereby, in spite of these obvious health-care concerns, concerns which our public has so eagerly embraced and engaged… I now believe that this pandemic is also being used to divert, “health-care,” into some sort of a vague justification for welfare.

Furthermore, I also believe that today’s senior citizens… and particularly those residing in nursing homes, are now using health-care costs to troll minorities who received welfare in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. And this is further evidenced by the exceedingly high costs of health-care, which is now inflating the entire US economy, almost like how welfare inflated groceries in past decades. (*Which is to say… that rising costs of health-care are basically inflating the entire dollar, like the tech industry on the West coast and welfare in the 1980’s.) Worse yet, in this way I now view today’s, “health-care system,” and particularly nursing homes… as almost worse than, “welfare,” because of the reverberating economics of senior citizens… who have essentially failed to save for their retirements.

But in conclusion… I now feel as though Covid-19 is simply masking a broader issue, which is that America will EMPATHIZE with health-care… but not systemic poverty.

-William Larsen