Junk Mail – The Importance Of Preserving The Internet

January 3rd 2018 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– Junk Mail – The Importance Of Preserving The Internet –

The internet evolved, almost like psychological evolution itself…… At first, the internet was ruled by cat pictures and mindless humor, but now it’s evolved into a realm of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, quantifying human interactions… is currently catapulting society into the next level of analytics and Ai…… (See also; Artificial Intelligence Project.)

However, evolution of this sort has also spurred societal decisions, moving forward…… An example of this, is whether or not to preserve, what most people would consider, “clutter,” or, “junk information,” overflowing the internet today.

Do you delete the billions of seemingly wasted gigabytes, hampering sites like; Youtube, Wikipedia, FB, SnapChat, or random blogs? Or do hosting and cloud computing companies, leave this information online, essentially forever?….

Should information stay online forever?

And in my opinion, yes, it should, most notably Youtube videos……..

Right now Google is using processors, capable of “tera flops,” computing in excess of 1 quadrillion computations, per second……..

In terms of hardware, through cloud computing and super servers… preserving the internet is more feasible, than ever before. Furthermore, in this day and age, even the most senseless of information might be more important than some people might think………

And that’s because right now, in tech, there’s a booming surge in analytics, taking place all over the world… Furthermore, as statisticians and marketers constantly seek, “new and improved business techniques,” a redundant theme of board-room planning, must often become, “redundancy itself……”

Imagine this…….. The year is 2100 AD……..

Your at the grocery store, choosing between a deli sandwich, or cookies…….

Your super advanced, future watch, displays a hologram on your shoulder……..

The hologram says….. “In 2025, your late ancestor chose the cookies and was divorced shortly thereafter, for having sexual frustrations with his wife, due to weight problems.”

While this might seem morbidly futuristic…….. perhaps even a poor example……. this illustration of preserved data, shows how even trivial information can improve decision making, down the line……

Another example of this statistical phenomenon, is currently taking place in the music industry…….

It’s a lot like music…. and the future of modern music…… A good thought experiment to illustrate this point, deals with the future of music itself. Ask yourself, if more and more people are making music online, then why isn’t there better music? And more of it?

And in my opinion, that’s because making original music, is very difficult and people gravitate towards originality.

Look at these musicians, from the 90’s and early 2000’s, who had their stint at the top; Hoobastank, Sum 41, Pennywise, NOFX, NickelBack, Duncan Sheik, Lil Flip, Pastor Troy, Lil Zane, BG, Coolio……

Do you think those people are happy today?

Furthermore, do you think they’ve lived, “happy lives?”

Fred durst…….

Puddle of mud……

Shania Twain……

And these are successful artists.……… *now part of the Twitter graveyard.

But with that being said, why should a company today, take a chance on a kid making music, when you look at this data…… Why take a chance on an up and coming musician today, when the data shows, that a musician like Fred Durst, succeeded for 5 years and then struggled for the rest of his life?

This is another example of why preserving even the most senseless of data, can benefit future generations.

Think about the bands that never made it….. Ska bands….. Reel Big Fish, or GoldFinger.

Do you think these people have lived happy lives? GoldFinger’s claim to fame, is one hit single, on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (a video game)…..

But in many ways, that same conundrum is analogous to preserving the internet, and preserving cat pictures or senseless memes and seemingly pointless videos, online……

And that’s because statistical analytics continues to become more and more advanced, spilling over into Artificial Intelligence… and hyper predictive reasoning……. whereby, seemingly trivial bytes of information…… actually become really important, in terms of, “redundancy,” moving forward……..

Meaning… there’s no reason to, “take a chance,” on another Fred Durst… because we know where that career path leads…….. and music really exemplifies that issue.

Something to think about.

-William Larsen, Civilians News