Land Of The Injured: How Disability Crippled America

October 4th 2017 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– Land Of The Injured: How Disability Crippled America –


I haven’t seen a doctor, in nearly 10 years. In that particular instance, I recall getting stitches on my elbow, after falling off a bicycle.

Pretty normal right? I think so.

Nevertheless… today in America…. 1/5 Americans….. currently claim, “disability status,” qualifying to receive disability benefits. (Statistical reference link.) Furthermore, in total 60 million Americans are currently receiving disability benefits, today……. And to me, that’s troubling for a variety of reasons.

Beyond disability, 42 million more Americans, also receive food stamp benefits. On top of that, 56 million more senior citizens, also currently receive government backed, social security pensions. Now, with that being said, these trends beg the question….. “What is a free market?” Literally…. (Statistical reference link.)

Actually, let’s take that assessment one step further….. At this moment in history, there are 6… empty/rotting homes, for every 1 homeless American today. (Statistical reference link.)

So, how is that, “a fair and free market?” Furthermore, at what point do these issues become systemic, or institutional? How many people have to fail, before our society makes retirement planning, more manageable? Or…. does everybody in America, simply rely on government backed social security retirement programs, for countless decades to come?

-William Larsen, Civilians News