How Meth-Amphetamine Ruined A Neighborhood

December 14th 2017 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– How Meth-Amphetamine Ruined A Neighborhood –

I’m not moving back to Oregon anytime soon (on a permanent basis) and the reason why… is Meth-Amphetamine.

When I moved to Oregon I started running. Every Wednesday at 5:30pm… I’d walk down to the local high school, off of 82nd ave., about 20 minutes through East Portland, to run. Now to put that into context, not far from this exact location… 2 men were brutally stabbed to death while aboard public transit, only 2 months after I left.

It was just different there. As an example of this… the high school had barbed wire fences surrounding it, almost like a prison.

Whenever I ran there… I would always think to myself, “I’d bet that at least one kid has seriously gotten hurt trying to hop this fence. In fact, I’d imagine that many of the area’s local children have been hurt on this street but while the school’s pre-occupied with barbed wire fences, in some sort of crude attempt to deter addicts from stealing their track equipment, it’s hard to tell if the school is to blame or the neighborhood itself.”

And that was usually my thought process, during my walks to the high school… where I’d encounter dozens of Methamphetamine needles, littered on the sidewalk.

Regardless, while I understand that this might not be the most uncommon occurrence, it was still startling to me and for a variety of reasons. This stuck with me, even here in NYC…. where these things also tend to occur and where I hope to one day become further involved in national politics. In fact, largely due to this experience I now feel as though it’s my obligation… to bring these issues to light.

Nevertheless, that’s also where this issue becomes increasingly complicated, “culturally speaking.”

Meth needles on my way to the local high school on 82nd Avenue, in Portland, Oregon. -Photographed by: William Larsen

More meth needles scattered along the sidewalk of 82nd Avenue, in Portland, Oregon. -Photographed by: William Larsen. This photo was taken at 6am, during the Summer of 2016.

I don’t want to ramble anyone’s ear off, particularly over the grave and fatal consequences of hard drug use, nevertheless, a few things did occur to me due to these hypodermic needles… littering 82nd Avenue.

Most notably, that I believe this type of pollution has to end.

Maybe littering needles…. long ago should’ve been considered, “an instant trip to prison,” or maybe…. local police officers needed to set aside their personal fears, in order to patrol this neighborhood altogether. Those answers remain to be seen. Nevertheless, the reason that these needles personally bothered me so much, was actually far worse…. because only 2 blocks from this site, where I photographed these needles, is a huge park where kids play soccer, also littered with needles!

And for that reason I called the local hospital, to see if any children had perhaps slid into a hypodermic needle, at the park? Presumably, while playing soccer. Nevertheless, the local hospital informed me of nothing except; “that they couldn’t divulge that information to the public,” but then recommended, that I inquire with the local police.

So I called the local police station and asked again, “have any children, perhaps been injured by hypodermic needles littered off of 82nd avenue? Civilians News wants to know, and there’s children playing soccer there 5 days a week.” Yet again, law enforcement (which I might add has no problem arresting my friends over marijuana possession every 3 days like complete hard asses) responded, “that they couldn’t divulge that information.” So to be clear, the police department and hospital… would not release any information, regarding children getting hurt in this manor, due to these needles……. NOR DID THEY SEEM TO CARE!

And maybe, not one single kid…. had ever slid into a hypodermic needle, littered off of 82nd avenue. Or maybe…. 1 or 2 had….. but now I don’t know and apparently I have no way of finding out. However, in March of 2017, I was so mad… that I wrote Detective Simpson (of the Portland PD) about the dangers of that soccer field… to which he also, did not reply.

In fact, Pete Simpson didn’t take one moment of his time, to reply to my emails. Whereby, I can’t even begin to explain…….

I had hoped to gather more data, before posting this story, but since Officer Pete Simpson was clearly too busy posting Batman memes on Twitter, I figured now… was a good time to talk about it.

And that led me to consider the root of the problem…..

-William Larsen, Civilians News.