The Need For A New Holiday…. Nuclear Holiday

July 3rd 2016 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – “Nuclear Holiday” –

I propose the need for a new holiday…… “Nuclear Holiday.”

Some might think it’s, “morbid,” others might not.

However, imagine a calendar day, where the whole world joined together and CELEBRATED nuclear awareness and global peace.

“In 2010, the Pentagon revealed it’s ownership of over 5,000 all-American nuclear warheads. Also, this number was down from a high of over 31,000 nuclear warheads, in the late 1960’s.” (

Robert Oppenheimer "I am become death, the destroy of worlds."

Robert Oppenheimer “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” The creator said, after demonstrating the power of nuclear weapons during the infamous “Manhattan Project.” Image via Google search.

This statistic, combined with the fact that China and Russia, likely hold similar nuclear arsenals, is very, very, alarming……. Add into that equation, developing nations like Pakistan, building their own nuclear arsenals, and the thought of nuclear war, at times, feels inevitable.

In fact, I forget who said it, but if the odds of a nuclear war were 1/1000, every year…. then over the course of 100 years, the odds of nuclear attacks, fall to just 1 in 10.

Maybe, it won’t occur in the US, maybe the next nuclear weapon won’t explode here, but even a nuclear strike on; Pakistan, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Guatemala, or any other nation for that matter…. could change the entire world…….

The damage from such an attack would be so inhumane and ecologically devastating, that I believe right now, is the time to quit sweeping this issue under the rug. For these reasons, I believe it’s this moment in history, when people all over the world, need to start taking a proactive approach to the nuclear age.

The Nuclear Age

Take into account, that the new world economy is growing more and more intertwined, isolating less and less of the world’s population, and this further points to the possibility that nuclear arms may in fact….. never be used again. However, history says otherwise and a repetition of violence, is almost a statistical certainty……

To be honest with ourselves, is of the utmost importance on this issue. I also find it worth noting, that the way the human race has handled nuclear arms thus far, is somewhat frightening.

Since the dawn of, “the nuclear age,” the world has been like a toddler, whom God handed a gun…… From the moment the nuclear bomb was created, minds like Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer, developers of the weapon itself, gravely feared it’s implications. Oppenheimer even once called himself, “the destroyer of worlds,” in reference to successfully testing, the first nuclear weapons. This was a grim quotation, from a genius whom surely wouldn’t have wanted his brainchild, used for apocalyptic war efforts. Actually, Oppenheimer’s exact quote is even scarier;

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”….. “I am become death.”

Take a minute to think about that. The inventor of the nuclear weapon, said that he had, “become death.”

Nobody saw that as a sign, that perhaps these issues, concerning the use of extreme force, in any matter, should be handled more cautiously?

I know this is overly ideal, but when will the human race evolve past war?

When will the human race recognize the need to evolve past violence of this magnitude? Will it take a modern war, with nukes going off, destroying the planet, in order for our society to realize the importance of these issues?

I do not seek proliferation, but awareness…. and I believe it’s in the entire planet’s best interest, to tackle this issue head on.

In doing so, I propose NOT proliferation but a new global holiday, recognizing, “the nuclear age,” as a time of peace and human achievement.

Proliferation appears to me, as both idealistic and unwise. This issue is particularly troubling because these weapons, might actually serve a practical use someday. In fact, these weapons could be used to perhaps destroy comets, or meteors, that may one day threaten Earth. For this reason, I believe a new holiday dedicated to the concept of, “awareness,” and ushering in the nuclear age through peace, would be most practical and pertinent….. particularly, as these weapons pass from generation to generation.

Nuclear Holiday

Imagine… a Spring holiday, dedicated towards, “a celebration,” of global awakening. This could be a sort of rebirth, in human intellect, so to speak….. This could be a celebration and not a morbid thing at all. Ideally, this could occur to create a positive feeling about the human race’s new found achievements and to applaud the fact that nuclear Armageddon has NOT already occurred.

A new GLOBAL CELEBRATION might also deter future nuclear strikes. That’s because a nuclear strike would essentially ruin the holiday’s celebratory effect. If a, “Nuclear Holiday,” were created today, before another strike, before nuclear arms were ever used again, the holiday could be looked at as a peaceful and potentially celebratory holiday…….

What cause greater to celebrate then the fact that a species, very akin to self harm and violence, has not yet killed itself off? This is especially true, in the wake of 80 years of history, where it VERY easily could’ve happened…… (And in all likelihood probably almost did, perhaps many more times than the average citizen even knows.)

Image via Google search. “Atomic weapons.”

My Childhood Fear

Since I was a child, I’ve long feared nuclear war….. (I don’t think every 8 year old, stays up at night, worrying about nuclear war, but I did.)

I just remember as a child, being in my Mom’s car, looking over the horizon, essentially waiting for a mushroom cloud in the distance and a wave of death to consume the road. And that fear struck me as a child, literally hundreds of times.

Nuclear war is a very SERIOUS topic….. Modern day nuclear capabilities far exceed those of the 50’s and 60’s and this subject holds a variety of implications, both in the present and the future, of the human race.

The next World War, if there ever were one….. Would NOT be like previous wars……

Jet technology and bombing capabilities in the US and abroad, have substantially grown over the past 50 years. That means, that now is a stellar time for humans to take the opportunity to revel in this technology and spread nuclear awareness, for future generations to come…..

Future generations need to know the enduring legacy of this technology. Nuclear power is very dangerous and it’s important that this message, is understood on a broader scale. This is vitally important, in terms of protecting individual cultures, as well as the planet itself, for generations to come. Maybe the last generation survived without killing itself off, but handing these weapons to future generations, over the coming centuries, is very, very scary……

For all of these reasons, it’s my belief, that at this moment in human existence and global history…..  it is most pertinent to create a new national (and possibly global) holiday…. This is the concept behind, “Nuclear Holiday.”

The Time Is Now

Nobody wants to see a Mad Max style world and nobody benefits from the ecological damage of modern warfare. For all of these reasons, I think RIGHT NOW, is the time to create a, “global holiday,” dedicated to celebrating, not only human achievement but also world peace and unity.

“Nuclear holiday, a celebration of human achievement.” Nuclear holiday, a celebration of our ability to ward off galactic debris, or meteorites. Nuclear holiday, a testament to; faith, prosperity, peace and unity.

Nuclear holiday. I propose February 18th…..

By: William Larsen