Previewing The 2016 Election

By: William Larsen  –  October 4th 2015  – “News For All Views”  –

13 months remain until the 2016 Presidential Election and this year’s election cycle looks to be one of the most exciting in decades.

Hillary Clinton Twitter avi

Hillary Clinton Twitter AVI.

The story of the election thus far, has been Donald Trump’s willingness to enter the race, using his own assets and business savvy.

For most billionaires, the job of President might seem unappealing. For a person with more wealth than most people can count, to undergo the scrutiny of a President, might seem overbearing.

So who will sit in the Oval Office, come January 20th, 2017?

At this point in the election cycle, it is still very unclear how the American people will dictate our next leader. Will it be Hillary Clinton? Will it be Jeb Bush? Will it be an underdog like Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders? The fate of our nation and the future of our Presidency, is very much in limbo today.

GOP Polls indicate that Trump’s willingness to express himself, have given him the early lead.

Trump has branded himself, “anti politician,” a message which clearly resonated with the American people, once again searching for “change.” It is of my opinion, that Trump’s willingness to express himself and his bravado in doing so, have garnered him support with the American people, due to his straight forward and seemingly honest approach.

The American people respect honesty, something Washington has seemed to lack for several years…. and while Trump may not be everyone’s ideal candidate, today he is holding a lead in the polls because of his willingness to express his beliefs, as opposed to “playing politics,” like some of the other candidates…..

Trump is running with a clear message for the international community….. He wants to focus on home building. This message is resonating with a lot of people and perhaps even in spite of his proposed tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, Trump’s platform may actually stimulate (short term) economic growth…..

Opponents of Trump however, point to Trump’s lack of experience in international politics…. Many have also signaled fears that Trump is overly brash and not fully aware of the consequences of his decisions abroad….. Once again, this creates a very intriguing political landscape going into this year’s election cycle….. Hillary Clinton, Trump’s biggest adversary, boasts a great deal of international and domestic political experience, yet regardless of her track record, it seems she is often lagging in the polls due to an unwillingness to express herself, as other candidates like Bernie Sanders and Trump have done.

Sanders, has come to represent the “wild card” in this year’s election cycle. Bernie, a track and field runner from the James Madison University, has been representing the American middle class in congress for decades. Bernie Sanders has showed an unwillingness to give into corporate agendas and big money politics, which have garnered him a great deal of grass roots support thus far. Sanders has spoken about the need to focus on expanding the middle class and improving the increasingly inequitable economy for everyday Americans, such as myself, a message which might also win him his party’s nomination.

Opponents of Sanders don’t believe Sanders is “electable,” a term often used to curtail third party candidates, or those who may split their own party…. Regardless, Sanders has steadfastly grown his campaign over the last couple months, creating a ground swell of support, based on his unwillingness to compromise his message for corporate funding.

In fact, Sanders has resiliently spoken in the face of corporate funded politics and seems to be running on the platform of eradicating corporate sponsorship from Washington entirely….. This message deeply resonates with the American people, who have long known that currency levels of corruption surrounding Washington D.C. have grown out of hand.

To discount Sanders, “elect-ability,” at this point in the election, could be fatal for the American people. Sanders message to reform campaign finance, may very well be the most important crutch of the election thus far….

Obama Twitter AVI.

Mr. Obama’s Twitter AVI.

Many months remain before the election of 2016 is ultimately decided…. yet, in the early going of preliminary campaigning; the 2016 election is shaping up to be one of the most pivotal moments in American history.

Who will win? This is still very much undecided….. However, the election cycle this year will mark a clear turning point in American politics. Will the American people value honesty above experience? Will the American people root for the underdog? And ultimately will the American people stand behind our new President, after the election is over?

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American flag flying in the wind

American flag flying in the wind