Revoking Senior Citizens Right To Drive, At 85

– Revoking Senior Citizens Right To Drive, At 85 –

Sometimes social issues, impact different people, differently. Nevertheless, I don’t think it should be considered, “taboo,” to talk about politics.

So, with that being said, this is another such article, where a number of people, might disagree. I can hear them now; “I whole-heartedly disagree and that’s because….. my cousin’s, sister’s, brother’s, friend…. is 98 years old… and she drives in NASCAR.”

And that might be true……

However, our roads are unsafe and here’s why;

According to Google; “A study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, shows that seven out of 10 Americans are currently taking at least one prescription drug. The most commonly prescribed drug is antibiotics — taken by 17 percent of Americans — followed by anti-depressants and opioids — each taken by about 13 percent of Americans. – June 19, 2013.”

To re-iterate, 7/10 Americans are currently prescribed to pharmaceutical drugs…….

Furthermore, according to, car accidents were the 4th leading cause of death, in 2013. In total, 136,000 American deaths were attributed to car accidents, that year. To put that number into perspective, 5.2% of all the death’s in America, in 2013, occurred behind the wheel of a car. In other words, 1/20 Americans, who lost there lives in the year 2013, died in a car…

*4: Accidents

  • Deaths: 136,053
  • Rate: 42.7
  • Age-adjusted rate: 40.5
  • Percentage of total deaths: 5.2 percent

So, in the wake of these statistics…. and in conjunction with other factors, such as; intoxication and global warming… I believe, that it’s time to consider reform. I conclude by saying, it’s time to take comprehensive measures, to increase the safety of America’s transit system. Furthermore, while I’m aware that subway systems…. are simply….. too awesome, for most American cities…. I suggest that we protect America, by revoking senior citizen’s right to drive, after the age of 85.

-William Larsen,