Just Say “NO” To Crypto-Currency

August 31st 2019 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– Just Say “NO” To Crypto-Currency –

Why is an ATM fee 2 dollars? But a play on Spotify pays the artist only .0006 cents?

Surely an artist exudes more labor on their music…. than an application developer, who’s coding ATM machines?

Or do they?

In a world where encryption is at the center of online banking……… people often forget that digital information, at it’s roots, is still just binary code (coded in 1’s and 0’s). Thus, for this reason, even today financial data remains a constant liability, due to online theft.

Furthermore, in many ways encryption is the only thing that really protects financial data at all, in today’s day and age.

Nevertheless, in my opinion…… even with the necessity of, “encryption”…. I would still say that most musicians endure quite a bit more pain and agony in their work, than an ATM software developer, endures in their’s…….. Furthermore, I would also go on to say that even in the case of software developers at the very cutting edge of online banking, that music is still more strenuous.

To be fair, I am not a professional when it comes to, “encryption,” but I do know how to code a little bit and I also make music, so I feel somewhat inclined to comment on this, “trade war,” of sorts.

Furthermore, in my opinion…….. transaction fee’s should also be .00006 cents……..because even, “super encryption,” at the highest levels of Ai and hacking, isn’t all that complicated…. in my opinion. To be more clear, I feel this way because…. say someone does break into your bank account…. which is impossible to prevent at some level, again because all computer code… at it’s core… is still just binary code…… then even if that data were to be compromised, encryption today seems to me, as really focused on the, “stop gaps,” and processes that occur AFTER someone’s data has already been breached….

What I mean by that is…… maybe a hacker can break into your bank account, but stealing money is a totally different animal…… technologically speaking.

  • Did the user’s account balance change dramatically?
  • Was the IP Address…. where the user last logged in, unusual?
  • Did the user’s balance change abnormally (based upon their previous transaction history) and what was their previous balance?

And those, “stop gaps,” or post login forms of encryption, are really what stops 99.9999% of cyber-crime today……. (Although the little asterisks shielding your password from onlookers, still works to some extent.)

Nevertheless, by using these, “stop gaps,” AFTER DATA HAS ALREADY BEEN BREACHED, even in the event of computer hacking….. encryption services, anti-virus software or bank software, can still detect abnormal changes and fix them….. in essence making encryption not even really all that difficult a science, in terms of tech…… (*Ai is way harder, in terms of tech jobs, in my opinion. Although…. encryption is a pretty cool field, high level math, big numbers.)

But that’s basically what I think is going on right now…. in terms of the the baby boomer economists, who I believe have somehow argued in favor of; encryption services, bankers, software developers etc, in terms of these, “jobs,” making quite a bit more money than other professions…….

And personally, as someone who has worked in both fields, I find it both shameful and somewhat racially motivated, that this is so.

But, let’s really examine this…. because in my opinion, this circumstance has also become an issue pertaining to something else that we don’t talk about nearly enough in America, which is, “occupational evolution….”

Lest we forget baseball was probably initially a way for diggers, some of whom likely carved out NYC’s subway system…… to show off their strength… hence baseball salaries…. continuing to reward shovel strength under the premise that the human race will always need someone to swing a bat, or axe…… That sounds off topic, but what I’m really getting at is….. financially we don’t want to over-reward musicians, because socially we don’t need a million artists on Spotify. Which is the counter argument and likely a big part of the reasoning as to why, “transaction fees,” are so much steeper than Spotify plays, financially speaking.

But where this issue gets messy moving forward is in terms of the emerging field of, “crypto-currencies,” like Bit-Coin, which in essence is like Silicone Valley’s way of saying, “encryption services and data protection,” is an art. In fact, the math behind these encryption services is likely to be very dynamic. So in plausability, all of this kind of takes tech once again, to the next level, in terms of corporate hierarchies. Whereby, I believe that Bit-Coin is basically just Silicone Valley’s way of monetizing encryption, in the form of an online currency, backed by investors. So now tech giants are basically creating their own, “crypto-currency,” in order to monetize, “encryption services,” essentially motivating consumers to further, “endorse,” making, “encryption services,” an even more profitable niche in tech. (*And to be fair, encryption is kind of on the cutting edge of right brained math wizardry right now.)

However, basically, I view crypto-currency as a troll…. and not just towards the people who aren’t paid as well as the encryption bankers/software developers who are rewarded for this…. but also trolling very specific foreign governments and other professions, as well.

Can you say Brazilian Real?…

So, I believe that this push towards, “crypto currency,” is being done in order to cement the, “encryption niche in tech,” while simultaneously being used as a means for trolling the success of foreign aristocrats who have succeeded in different, “regions of the world.” Imagine bit-coin millionaires? Brazilian Real? What’s the difference? And this was seemingly predictable 4-5 years ago, when convenience stores in America started profiting off of government backed, “food stamps”……….. because in many ways food stamps are also very similar to a, “crypto-currency.” (Why do you think?)

And that’s how wars are started……… because in my opinion, “crypto-currency,” is on it’s face not only disrespectful to lesser paid fields, but also disrespectful to foreign sovereignty, particular those countries who don’t compete as hard in the global market-place and perhaps don’t give 2 ****’s about the western world. Furthermore, what if, “Bit-Coin,” became a stronger currency than that of developing nations abroad? IE. The Brazilian Real…. a national currency that’s basically backed by Warren Buffet’s Brazilian chain of Pizza Huts.

Long story short, for all of the aforementioned reasons, I vastly oppose crypto-currency…. and…. I have 1 more proposal……..

Perhaps we should start spilling goats blood on all of the new 100 dollar bills, so that DNA scans can detect the validity of US currency, based upon the presence of goat’s blood….. Alternatively, maybe starting in 2030, we could just start spilling goats blood on all of our countries freshly minted currency, as a symbol of American ingenuity.

-William Larsen

PS: Rumor has it….. that the goat’s blood tactic, is how Lebron does it with his kids…… he pours the goat’s blood on the money before sending it off to his kids for lunch, so that they know how much the money means to him.

They make these decisions down on Wall St. about 20 minutes from my apartment but I don’t ever see any of these people…. I just deal with the racial backlash…….

Furthermore; 1) You can’t even schedule an appointment in Manhattan anymore.

2) Playing basketball at Rucker Park, in Harlem, you never see any of these people……… Warren Buffet is the king of NYC, yet he’s too scared to live in NYC…… but I’m the, “Fake News,” what do I know?

I mean why should young people have a say in any of this? Right? Just charge us all 20$ a month to use Google search.