State Of The Union Address 2016

By: William Larsen – January 25th 2016 – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – “State of The Union Address Establishes Identity of Administration” –

The scene at Mr. Obama's 2013 State Of The Union Address

The scene at Mr. Obama’s 2013 State Of The Union Address

On January 12th, 2016, President Obama gave his final, “State of the Union Address.”

The President began by mentioning climate change and bi-partisan co-operation, within recent budget negotiations, whilst coining the term, “who knows, we might surprise the cynics again.”

The President spoke;

“From helping children learn to write computer code to,…. fixing a broken immigration system, protecting our kids from gun violence, paid leave … raising the minimum wage.”

“This is a time of change.. change that’s reshaping the way we live, the way we work.”

The beginning of this address, really established the identity for the second term of the President’s tenure.

Mr. Obama highlighted several key issues, in particular teaching children how to write computer code in public schools. In my opinion, this is especially important because it pertains to a field where many Americans are unaware that their children are currently being left behind….

The President also spoke about “Criminal justice reform” and prescription drug abuse, very intelligent topics that really show the President cares about the concerns of everyday Americans. “Progressing on the work that needs to be done,” felt like the tone of the speech and the President did very well acknowledging the issues facing our country, showing that the President does deeply care about the Americans he represents.

Championing the issues, Mr. Obama spoke very well, but did the President go too far regarding his stance on gun regulations……

A few weeks ago, Mr. Obama took federal action to increase background checks on gun owners. Obama stated, “what if we could stop just one,” in reaction to recent murders involving firearms in Chicago.

Gun violence may be a systemic problem within the United States, however many times these cases involve extreme situations, where extreme violence is going to take place whether it be with a gun, or some other type of weapon. For this reason, I personally felt that the President may have fallen off base with his recent actions / remarks, in opposition of the NRA.

Henceforth, it seems limiting to American’s second amendment rights, to speak of such rhetoric. This tone, deprecates freedom and for me personally, it often feels like something of a closed minded approach to a much greater problem, in terms of combating the NRA. Furthermore, in many ways gun rights and gun ownership have become a part of America’s national identity itself, a dangerous issue for the Democrats to so steadfastly oppose.

This issue is troubling for a variety of reasons.

I think many of America’s gun owners, view gun ownership as a vehicle for personal safety, not a weapon to inflict terror and I think the Democrats are walking a very thin line, opposing the NRA today.

I see this issue as a turning point for Democrats, a turning point which could cost Hillary Clinton the upcoming Presidential election…..

Often times, people fear the reality that there are hundreds of millions of guns in America today, currently owned by honest hard working Americans….. However, in many ways I view this as a positive, because of the internal mechanism for national defense, which it creates, along with the empowerment, it gives to the American people, in essence becoming something like a leveraged power to the people.

In many ways, gun ownership empowers the grass roots here in America, as opposed to the major institutions and even the federal government. This creates a culture, unique to America, where because so many Americans own firearms, the threat upon our national security becomes slightly diminished. In this way national security becomes less of a worry, due to a heavily armed populous and in turn our countries heavily inflated, pork filled defense budget, becomes less of an issue to me. For these reasons, I felt the President walked a very thin line during his SOTU speech regarding gun ownership.

Other than that, Mr. Obama’s State of the Union speech was eloquent, well put and very practical in a time of great economic uncertainty. Mr. Obama highlighted issues which really defined his second term, and perhaps his legacy as a President.

For Mr. Obama’s full speech click here…

-William Larsen