Subways Across America?

August 15th 2018 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

I haven’t invested in Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla Incorporated. While many investors speculate that Tesla, aptly named after Nikolai Tesla, might be the next blue chip stock, I remain bearish on the companies future. To re-iterate, while others are labeling the automaker, “an environmental ambassador, with a dream to improve the safety of America’s roads,” I remain unsure of the companies future.

What if an automated driving system, does take over America’s transit? In that scenario, do you feel comfortable with your life, in the hands of an Ai chauffer?

Furthermore, what are the legal consequences of automated driving? And, in situations where automated driving fails, in poor weather perhaps, then who is to blame?

How can even the best automated driving systems, effectively react to adverse weather conditions, for example; ice, tornadoes and severe thunder storms? For that reason, I can’t help but think, “why not just build trains?” Which also leads me to wonder, “what’s the difference between train systems and automated / self driving cars?”

Train systems can corrode and deteriorate, leaving subways in constant states of maintenance, however, why not build bullet trains instead? What’s the difference between, “automated cars,” snailing along an icy road, at 10mph, as opposed to magnetized bullet trains? Surely a bullet train can be built, for less than the cost of petroleum imports?

And this issue, falls into a long road of debates, immersed in the kind of political corruption, afore-mentioned during Occupy Wall Street. The issue of mass transit systems, in particular, encapsulates the very concept of micro-economies, not only impacting Detroit automakers but also the petroleum industry abroad.

To say definitively why this system of transit is the way it is today, would be speculatory, but I personally wonder…. “why did we go away from trains, to unsafe automobiles, in the first place?” Petroleum sales alone, could more than cover a nationwide train, or subway system, even if the tracks required constant maintenance. Furthermore, why not build magnetized bullet trains? If track maintenance really is the issue……

And again, being 32 years old, growing up in Detroit, hearing the rumors of corruption over mass transit for decades… I can merely speculate.

However, simply put, I think that there are powers that be, whom possibly seek to keep us from growing more inter-connected. In my opinion, I believe that the real reason we have highways, which rely so heavily on petroleum imports, is due to corruption. Furthermore, I think the real reason that our state and federal government’s don’t build larger subway systems, is because of public schools.

I think that there are leaders in this country, who disagree that subway maintenance under values petroleum tariffs…… I also believe that these same leaders, quite simply, don’t want the people living in poorer school districts, to commute to public schools, in other areas (ie NCAA pay structures). In conclusion, I feel that way because in comparison to petroleum imports/costs, the issue of bullet trains and subway systems, as opposed to self driving and automated vehicles, is clearly not a financial issue…….

-William Larsen, Civilians News