The Future Of NYC Architecture

December 12th 2016 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – “The Future Of NYC Architecture” –

the future of architecture2

Image via Google Search; “The future of architecture.” “Plant architecture.”

In 2030, the Empire State Building will turn 100 years old. Furthermore, this building is in many ways, a testament to American engineering, as well as a symbol of America itself.

Home to 21k American employees, roughly 450 million pounds of body-weight, stand on its 80 year old frame, everyday…… In many ways, this weight symbolizes the 350 million Americans, whose daily commerce is often legislated within New York, New York.

Yet, this leads me to wonder, what is the future of NYC architecture and architecture abroad? Will towering skyscrapers of the past, like Empire State Building, stand for 500 years? 200 years? Or even 1,000 years into the future?

Experts say that Empire State could stand as long as 500 years if properly maintained. However, in an unnatural concrete world, the intimidating facade of NYC may one day be forced to “evolve,” as technology does the same……

Image via Google Search, “view from top of World Trade Center.” (You can literally see the curvature of the Earth.)

This creates cultural shifts in society, that in many ways, can come to personify cities like New York.

But what is the future of these buildings? How long will they last? And will we build taller and taller skyscrapers forever?

Recently in the Middle East, the Burj Khalifa was built 2,500 feet into the air. This was so high that construction workers could see the curvature of Earth, with clear definition, from it’s peak. What is the purpose of such heights? What is the symbolism? And would you climb 2,500 feet into the air for your boss? And is it even humane to do so?

At some point, people must question modern labor laws, when it comes to this type of construction. I have perceived it to be this way and recently considered calling upon our government to levy a 1,000 foot maximum, for future skyscrapers.

Look at the Burj Khalifa…. What is this building saying?

124th floor of the burj khalifa

Image via Google search, “top of Burj Khalifa skyscraper.” 124th floor view from Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

It overlooks a dampened economy, seemingly mocking the US, with an honest reality of free market economics… But look at the way this building is stacked on top of itself, with multiple cylinders. I believe this style of architecture, serves as both a beacon to it’s society, as well as a religious symbol. Allegorically speaking, I believe this building symbolizes people using role models (like the building’s cylinders), to build greater, “heights,” in spirituality and economics. However, this symbolism could be allegorical both morally and in terms of society….. That’s how I view the Burj Khalifa…..

However, this building begs the question, what is too high? Because to me, this style of art, symbolism and architecture, often feels morbid in a sense, that such heights can be grossly inhumane to laborers, creating these behemoth skyscrapers.

Look at the new, “Park Avenue Building,” in downtown NYC. 4-3-2… Park Avenue.

Clearly these buildings mark NYC’s growth, strength, and future direction. Nevertheless, in cities like Detroit……. overbuilding, building too tall or too big, has lead to cultural deterioration.

So when will it end?

How do we fix it?

Well, Civilians News has a proposal………

The old style of architecture cannot last…. We cannot pour enough concrete into NYC, to maintain this, “Gotham-esque appearance,” forever. Building taller and taller, financing new construction projects every 10-15 years, feels rashly irresponsible both economically and from a labor perspective…. This tear down and rebuild method of city planning, simply won’t work forever….. There is already too much concrete in the city and at some point the city must change….. BUT where better to ignite global architectural change, than NYC?

So what I propose, before half of NYC’s penthouse suites start to lean over…….. is to augment these building, with a new style of architecture….

How do you support old struts?

the future of architecture

Image via Google search; “the future of architecture.”

What is the future of architecture in general?

How do you essentially, “enhance,” the structure of a 200 year old, 1300 foot symbol, of American dexterity?

I propose this; call it ideal, call it naive…. Call it Da Vinci……

Towers surrounding the buildings, open to the light, like cable towers….. However, I propose these towers have trees growing on top of them. These trees could then root all the way to the ground, to create natural reinforcements, for aging skyscrapers. Yes, tree towers….. 1200 feet high, with roots growing all the way to the ground…. And I suggest we use these towers to enhance the structures of aging skyscrapers, like Empire State, in order to preserve these buildings into the next millennia…..

-William Larsen, Civilians News