Time Is Relative…. In The Workplace

November 7th 2018 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” –

Time Is Relative… In The Workplace –

An individual’s perception of time, changes with age….. and thus, so does their perception of hourly labor.

When explaining special relativity, Einstein once said, “if you sit on a burning cinder for 1 minute, it will feel like an hour, but if you spend an hour with someone you love, it will feel like 1 minute, that’s relativity.”

And Einstein himself once explained E=MC², in that fashion, however, I find a similar explanation, is even more applicable today.

Furthermore, I believe that anyone can grasp this concept, after enough thought and patience…. So, here it goes.

Time never changes, but a life form’s individual perception of time…. does change… as the individual gets older… Which can be expressed through the formula….

[1 second / x (where x = a life form’s age)] = that individual’s perception of time.

Meaning; 1 second / x, expresses an individual’s perception of time, where x equals all the time perceived, in that individual’s life thus far.

Let me repeat that. The formula, “1 second / x,” describes in mathematics, OUR INDIVIDUAL PERCEPTION OF TIME, NOT THE TIME ITSELF BUT HOW WE PERCEIVE IT, where x = an individual’s age. For example, a life form that’s existed for only 1 second, would perceive time as, 1 second / 1 second…. and that 1 second…. would in essence become that being’s entire life, so time for that particular being, would then be perceived only in terms of 1 second, making 1 second into a life-time, to that individual….. Whereas, in comparison to an 85 year old being, 1 second / 85 years, makes 1 second feel far less important, in contrast to that being’s PERCEPTION OF TIME, which becomes far more conditioned with age……

That is to say, a 2 day old child…. perceives time as; 1 second / 2 days…. and a 45 year old man, perceives time as; 1 second / 45 years…. meaning that in essence, time itself is perceived as much more watered down, to the older being.

However, where this becomes particularly interesting science, is in the psychology of work and labor…….. Whereby, this formula illustrates how working at a younger age, is actually FAR MORE DIFFICULT PSYCHOLOGICALLY, than it is when your older… because of how we perceive time itself. Furthermore, this is especially true in terms of, “hourly pay systems,” like we commonly use in the U.S. today. Meaning that hourly labor actually does become easier, as you get older.

Just a thought.

-William Larsen