What If Trump Wins ?

By: William Larsen – May 14th 2016 – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – “What If Trump Wins?” –

What If Donald Trump wins in 2017?

What If Donald Trump wins in 2017?

The mainstream media has been cashing in on “Donald Trump hysteria” for some time now, and since we can’t beat them, today we’re going to talk about that very same thing.

What if Trump wins?

Despite a plethora of controversial viewpoints, Trump has developed support from a variety of voters, connected to the  daily news cycle, creating a base of support that just might win this year’s election.

So what does this really mean, for the future of this… “great” country?

Will fruit smoothies retroactively replace the cheeseburger, as the new culinary symbol of American austerity?

Will America go to war 6 days after the election?

Will New York City, build a water-park in Central Park, nicknamed after “The Donald” himself?

Only time will tell, but one thing appears certain, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee in the upcoming election and that in itself, gives the man a very real chance of taking over the Oval Office.

So who am I to say this event, could trigger the end of the world as we know it? Trump’s resume is more than impressive, his work ethic is evident and history shows that the Presidency is a very difficult job/experience, one that most billionaires would clearly rather avoid altogether. So here we are, in 2016, with a very real possibility, that a very opinionated, very stern and quick tempered man, may soon become the Commander and Chief of the American military, as well as control 1/3rd of the Federal Government.

So what does this mean, bottom line, for the future of America?

Well, it could potentially mean a number of policy changes in Washington. The first issue, in the event of a conservative candidate winning office, would be taxes. Trump would likely lower tax rates on the upper class brackets, in hopes of creating “trickle down” economic policies, as the Republican Party has historically done when taking over the Presidency.

Trump would likely increase the military budget, as he routinely speaks about the need for military strength, a view also aligning with his conservative roots.

Also, a Republican in the White House, would likely opt to build the Keystone Pipeline, a very scary thought, that could off-set the balance of our ecosystem and threaten generation after generation to come.

This future, which should be more primarily discussed on the news now, perhaps was attempted to be headed off, by the Global Goals Summit, this past year. This summit held in accord with the first ever “global goals” for reducing green house gas emissions world wide. Regardless, it is a very real possibility, that Donald Trump would prioritize short term economic benefits, in favor of building the oil pipeline from Canada. (See Past Article On Keystone Pipeline consequences.) This issue could also unfold, into a situation where Conservatives perhaps use other issues, such as Rowe V. Wade, to leverage an absolutely arrogant opinion that the environment should be less important than short term economic gains, creating similar gridlock to what we’ve witnessed the past 8 years.

What if Trump wins?

What if Trump wins?

Otherwise, in a positive light, Trump appears to be a very capable boss for the Pentagon officials who run so much the nation today. Trump is clearly a capable leader and clearly commands a room. The Donald has experience running very large operations globally and his successes in business, should have taught him something that he can use as President.

Whether Trump’s “trolling,” taints the very identity of our nation or not, remains to be determined, yet in the event Trump does win the upcoming election, the man will in no way be the most eccentric to ever take office. For example, in 1923, Calvin Grace Coolidge (1923-1929), literally kept a zoo of animals in the White House. A seemingly eccentric style of leadership beyond that of even Trump himself.

Clearly “the Donald,” may not come across as the strong quiet type, but maybe its time America embraced someone who is not scared to have an opinion. The Republican gridlock of the past 8 years, will surely be met by Democratic gridlock, “in the event,” the Republican party claims office.

In all likelihood, Trump is the underdog, Hillary Clinton appears to be the Democratic nominee and her vast experience, is going to be overwhelming for Trump to withstand up through November. However, Trump represents real change in Washington, a very outspoken candidate with 1 priority, bacon and profits. God Bless America.

I don’t know what to say, maybe it’s time to re-examine abolishing 18 and 19 year old voting rights, in an attempt to encourage that age bracket to care about something other than rap music and 2k16. Just a thought. Troll for troll.

-William Larsen