What Is Civilians News’ Platform?

January 6th 2020 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– What Is Civilians News’ Platform? –

What is our platform? Well our platform has changed slightly over the years, but, with that being said, this is our platform today;


  1. Dividing currency into 2 forms : 1 currency for the free market(s) and another for food and housing. This is similar to Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend idea but I believe that this method of dividing American currency is actually better. I’ve further outlined this concept in a past article, which can be viewed here.
  2. Education reform! Teaching more biographies in public schools, as opposed to having children write non-sensical essays their whole lives and then having them memorize everything (‘Ol the irony.) Furthermore, I’d like to see a greater emphasis on mathematics and computer coding, as well.
  3. Full economic transparency… and this will never happen… but I’d honestly like to live in a world here everyone can see each-other’s bank accounts.
  4. Free music and movies (or legalized piracy). Whereby, artists are only paid for their shows and, “meet and greets.” This is a vastly controversial point amongst many aristocrats, however, I feel this way because rap music, I’ve discovered… teaches more children about life… than many Fathers.
  5. Mandatory enlistment… mandatory 2-3 year enlistment after High School.
  6. Police serving a week in jail, as part of their training….
  7. More subway systems and a greater emphasis on public transit altogether, outside of just urban areas. Did you know that Cincinnati has a halfway built subway system?

And that’s it…. that’s my platform……

So, with the past behind us, that’s what Civilians News represents today.

-William Larsen, Civilians News founder.