What Is Civilians News’ Platform?

January 6th 2020 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – What Is Civilians’ News Platform? –

What is our platform?

When CiviliansNews.com was founded in 2011, after the Occupy Portland Protests….. I just wanted to make sure that I walked away from those protests…. feeling like the Gustapo didn’t win. In fact, if you go to the OWS section of Civilians News….. then you’ll see several adult films of me lecturing the police, concerning what I view as the constitutionality of, “checks and balances.” I recall stating, “do police officers make enough money to retire for 30 years?” And in my opinion some of the police should’ve been protesting WITH US, that year.

Anyway; since those protests….. the only thing that I’ve really stuck to with Civilians News is essentially not becoming, “hi-jacked,” by partisanship. In fact, I’ve made it a point… to neither affiliate with the Republican, nor Democratic, parties. Also, that point was further re-enforced by fellow OWS protesters, in 2011.

In hindsight, I now think that Obama may have been bitter over the Million Man March…. because 50,000 people marched in Portland that Fall (2011) and simultaneously another 500,000 marched in Spain and NYC, yet this protest had little impact on government. So, to re-iterate, “Occupy,” was growing into a, “global movement,” before the police broke it up. Also, a lot of this was due to concerned citizens frustration over rent hikes…. a topic that is even more RELEVANT today.

Regardless; since that day when the police, “evicted,” the protesters…… I’ve sought to correct this injustice. I believe that we camped in downtown Portland for 2.5 months that Winter..like Valley Forge… I recall there was a medical tent, a food tent and free meals were served, which created a refuge for the homeless. It was really cool and in hindsight it really showed me how people could live without all the corporate BS, although, I maintained a 9-5 while sleeping in my tent…..

Regardless; since then… my only true platform for Civilians News was to keep, “The Occupy Movement,” alive…. Nevertheless, in doing so, my goal also simultaneously became aligned with something I had heard during those protests…. which was not to commit to either the Republicans, nor the Democratic Party, as so many other movements had/have seemingly done. In turn, this ended up kind of hurting, “the profitability,” of this website and it caused some arguments…#FakeNews… I now believe that this was because if Civilians News were to grow, then it would control the opinions of, “swing voters,” and create widespread conflict….. but I never intended for this website to be about profits, we’re not Fox News. True story.

Now, with that being said, “what is Civilians News platform today?” Well, here it is….. and if you’d like to see the OWS platform, for which Fox claimed we didn’t have, then that’s also on the OWS section of our site. Furthermore, these platforms are subject to change…. depending upon how our society changes in the future. Nevertheless here it tis;


  1. Dividing currency into 2 forms, 1 for the free market(s) and another for food and housing……. This is similar to Andrew Yang’s Freedom Stipend/Dividend idea, but I think this method of dividing currency is almost a better idea than Yang’s. I’ve further outlined this concept in a past article, which can be viewed here.
  2. Education reform! Teaching mostly biographies in public schools, as opposed to having children write non-sensical essays their whole lives……. (‘Ol the irony.) Furthermore, I’d like to see a greater emphasis on Mathematics and Computer Coding, as well.
  3. Full economic transparency……. this will never happen, but I honestly think that everyone should be able to see eachother’s bank accounts…..
  4. Free music and movies……. whereby artists are only paid for shows and meet and greets. This is a vastly controversial point amongst many aristocrats, but I feel this way because rap music, I’ve found, teaches more children about life, than many Fathers.
  5. Mandatory enlistment…… mandatory 2-3 year enlistment after High School.
  6. Police serving a week in jail, as part of their training…. This one’s LONG overdue.
  7. More subway systems…… and a greater emphasis on public transit altogether, outside of just urban areas. Did you know Cincinnati has a halfway built subway system?

And that’s it…. that’s my platform……

That’s what Civilians News represents. Those are the SPECIFIC changes, which I am seeking.

-William Larsen, Civilians News founder.