Why Minimum Wage Is NOT The Answer To Inequality

Nov. 10th 2015 – By: William Larsen  – Civilians News –  “News For All Views”  – Why Minimum Wage Is NOT The Answer To Inequality – 

This month, dozens of free-lance organizers, petitioned around Portland, to increase the federal minimum wage. By collecting signatures, these grass roots organizers are seeking to lobby state politicians, in an attempt to raise the federal minimum wage to 15$ dollars an hour.

It appears that the organizers sponsoring these petitions, view this lobby as an answer to economic inequality. Still, despite grass roots support, this issue is receiving massive, “political turbulence,” with fair reasoning. This attempt to, “repair,” economic inequality, through petitioning the minimum wage, is facing harsh criticism, primarily for 2 reasons.

First, because increasing the minimum wage, is a government tool for a free market issue.

And second, because increasing the minimum wage is a short sighted approach, to a long term problem. Furthermore, in my opinion, the larger issue surrounding the minimum wage, is both, corporate and individual greed.

Image via Bloomberg and Google search, “the 1% income inequality.”

Expanding the minimum wage, from 10 to 15 dollars an hour, will likely yield only the smallest of gains. This is my opinion, because minimum wage increases, in turn inflate American currency. That means, that increasing the minimum wage, will cause the rest of the economy to fluctuate over time. This short sighted approach then essentially increases American’s cost of living, typically offsetting minimal gains, created in the short term, by increasing the minimum wage. In this way, minimum wage increases will only yield the smallest of short term results, in terms of combating economic inequality.

This, “minimum wage domino effect,” often makes income disparity just as bad as it was before, or sometimes even WORSE, especially for the lower class, in the long run.

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For all of these reasons, it is my belief that increasing the minimum wage IS NOT THE BEST SOLUTION, in terms of organizing against economic inequality.

Nevertheless, this issue is more complicated than simply raising the minimum wage. Grass roots organizers essentially need to view this issue in terms of wage gaps and not simply minimum wage increases. The real issue, then becomes the difference between higher and lower class wages, which have continued to distance themselves over time.


In an ideal world, business owners would want to pay lower class workers, “a fair and living wage,” in turn, boosting the earnings of grass roots corporations. Unfortunately, today’s economy is anything but ideal……

Nevertheless, in many ways, paying workers a fairer wage, benefits everybody in the U.S. economy.

However, in my opinion, minimum wage shouldn’t be a matter of legislation. Yet, due to the shy and quiet nature of most Americans today, protests and concrete action, never seem to take place, in terms of American economics. This is perhaps the most corrupt offshoot of America’s constantly evolving, “prescription drug epidemic,” in terms of America’s willingness, to accept anything short of, “a living wage,” to begin with.

Furthermore, when corporations drive employees into the ground through unfair wages, businesses are doing nothing but hurting themselves. Yet, increasing the federal minimum wage doesn’t necessarily attack the heart of this issue. This is because the real issue, is often times unfair corporate pay structures and revolving door employment, which in turn become aspects of American greed.

By: William Larsen

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