Why Republicans Should Lead On Environmentalism

October 20th 2015 – By: William Larsen  –  Civilians News – “News For All Views”

–  Why Republicans Should Lead On Environmentalism – 

Image via Google search, “Obama and Keystone pipeline.”

Since when…. do conservatives oppose conservation?

I believe, what once made America great, was and still is, “long term sustainability”…….

It is of my opinion, that no other issue confirms this need, more than the issues surrounding the Keystone Xl Pipeline.

Last January, house representatives, voted to build the pipeline, 270 to 152…… However, only 1 House Republican voted against this bill…… That Republican was a Representative from Michigan, a Republican named Justin Amash.

This revelation is disappointing, for a number of reasons……

First, because a spineless Democratic constituency, is once again flip flopping on Keystone, worse than a gold fish on sand paper (I might add)…..

Second, because this vote to approve Keystone, represents a full scale turn in economic policy. This shift, in essence has become a landmark decision in Congress. Furthermore, this decision represents a full scale “change,” towards prioritizing short term profits, over long term sustainability. This trend, is simply unacceptable for future generation, for a number of reasons. In particular, this vote, (in the house of Representatives) does not fall in line with the ideals of the younger generation.

Worse yet, the issues surrounding Keystone are bitterly partisan, in turn signalling profound levels of corruption, within Washington D.C. today…..

This year, Republicans have sided almost straight down party lines, on the issue of Keystone. This has occurred, in an effort to build the Keystone XL Pipeline, “as soon as possible,” under the guise of job growth/job creation. However, if Keystone is built…  how many of those so called “jobs” will still be around 10 years from now………. (My guess is not many.)

Many environmentalists fear this issue may one day, have long standing negative consequences, potentially congruent to the allegorical, “canary in the coal mine.” That is to say, building Keystone XL Pipeline could lead to irreversible environmental decay. It is not beyond reason, to believe this issue, in and of itself, could realistically lead to the downfall of the human race. Furthermore, many scientists fear this type of environmental degradation, may one day lead to global warming, in essence triggering a variety of long term economic setbacks. This in turn, could actually cost American’s far more money down the line.

Image via “cartoonstock.com” Obama and Keystone pipeline.

Over the past century, Earth’s biodiversity has become egregiously threatened. As more and more species fall into extinction, issues such as the Keystone XL Pipeline grow in importance today. Today, 97% of scientists agree that climate change is very real. This is a fact. This fact is confirmed by findings from both, the federal government and NASA. Meanwhile, a minority of CORRUPT POLITICIANS, continue to lobby for the US to build the Keystone xl Pipeline anyway. This is being done in the name of annual profit margins, signalling greater issues, within Washington DC today. For this reason, the vote to build Keystone, in essence illustrates a larger problem regarding corporate sponsorship and campaign finance reform…..

Many nations around the world have already witnessed record temperatures this decade. Even more startling, Earth’s Oceans ALL saw record warming, this past year…….

Look for yourself, simply notice the SMOG over LA. How obvious does it have to be, to notice that pumping Keystone, is a bad idea for Earth’s future?

On top of that, as “statistical analysis,” becomes a larger and larger part of the American economy, while simultaneously Americans continue, “naturally talking about the weather,” doesn’t it feel as though the planet, just might be trying to tell us something?

To be frank, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to assume burning the remainder of Earth’s oil, up into the atmosphere, might have more than 1 or 2 negative consequences. Yet, that is exactly what many self proclaimed, “conservatives,” are voting to do in Washington D.C. today…..

LA covered in Smog and air pollution, blanketing the skyline. Source- www.neontommy.com

LA covered in Smog and air pollution, blanketing the skyline. Source- www.neontommy.com

Unfortunately, this trend is nothing new in Washington D.C…..

America’s boom and bust, boom and bust, economic cycle, is no longer working for future generations. This is occurring, while also creating unprecedented levels of economic corruption. Worse yet, this trend, combined with gridlocked partisanship, regarding clear cut issues, once again illustrates the importance of government watch dogs.

Photo source - humanevents.com This image is a view of what the proposed Keystone pipeline may look like.

Photo source – humanevents.com
This image is a view of what the proposed Keystone pipeline may look like.

When will America’s “conservatives” focus on the bigger picture? When do true “conservatives,” ignore long term gains, in favor of short sighted profits?….

It’s my opinion, that this the very approach, skewing the very definition, of what it means to be “conservative.”

In conclusion, conservatives should stand, in favor of conservationism, both ecologically and economically……. Because…. once upon a time, that’s what it meant, to actually be… a… “conservative.”

By: William Larsen

Civilians News – “News For All Views”