What Will The Economy Look Like In 50 Years?

May 20th, 2017 –By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– What Will The Economy Look Like In 50 Years – 

What will the economy look like, in 50 years?

Furthermore, throughout our history… hasn’t the sheer concept of money itself, seemingly evolved? Which I find to be particularly true, when only a few centuries ago… no one had; credit cards, fancy bank accounts or credit scores. But can you imagine our society without; credit cards, home loans, credit scores and interests on debt? And while this may seem like a long forgotten reality, it was not that long ago a reality, relative to our species evolution. In fact, only 1-2 centuries ago, it’s very plausible that; interest, loans and credit, were all considered to be, “liberal ideologies,” or economically idealistic.

But it’s amazing how things have changed…

And what is credit? Because isn’t credit, or interest, the very mechanism that has maintained poverty… since the beginning of time? Which then also leads me to wonder, “when did currency… take this modern form, in and of itself?”

Because as humans grow more and more intellectual… and as times change and inventions spring up, it often feels as though, “we lose something of ourselves,” as a species, with every new technology and social evolution.

Imagine the advent of speech itself, if you can. Before speech, before linguistics, the earliest humans operated solely off of feelings and sentiment. Now… if you can, imagine that generational divide. Think about whether those people even considered the rawest form of invention, “speech itself,” as a beneficial, “invention?” (To them and their society.)

Obviously, speech has since created levels of sophistication, that most people in today’s world deem, “necessary,” for modern living. Nevertheless, several millennia later, few people recognize how these ground breaking, “technologies,” like speech itself, have left us naive to the ways of the past. Furthermore, this concept is especially true of many, “relatively modern inventions,” as well. Another example… is the telephone… because imagine the upper classes reaction, when for the first time in human history, they could be spoken to by another in real time, without that person being present…

Try to imagine the shifts and social dynamics that arise from these types of inventions and innovations, both culturally and technologically speaking.

Now… take currency, perhaps the most important, “invention,” of them all. But do you believe that throughout history, “paper,” dictated authority like it does today? Before currency, it was land ownership, however with land you grew food and there were different parameters. Furthermore, in ancient times, land ownership dictated wealth… but with land…. you could only hold as much as you could defend. So, imagine those dynamics of social change today, arising from the advent of things like; credit, insurance and legality. Whereby, many of those, “inventions,” have seemingly brought forth economic evolution, as well as a technological renaissance.

Long story short….. his story, her story….. I feel as though every time we gain something due to new advancements in technology, we lose something as well….

But where will this lead? Where will this rabbit hole of innovation take the human race? What will the economy, which holds us together, look like in 50 years? Well…. I predict that people will eventually notice how inflation is devastating to the poor and maintain a stronger currency. Furthermore, I also predict that eventually the masses will seek reforms over housing and food, as population densities grow.

This isn’t politics, this is common sense…..

Nevertheless, opponents of these ideals, “use money as a cleansing tool,” literally breeding out members of our society, through economic measures. Furthermore, in my opinion… wars are no longer fought on the ground, or with guns and knives, wars today… are fought between classes, through hours of labor. In fact, I believe that many people in power today, avoid reform simply because they view, “money,” as a mechanism to weed out the weakest genomes within our societies. I also believe that this is due to a lack of appreciation, for the uniqueness, which I believe inhabits every human life… on Earth today. So for this reason, in 50 years, I believe that the future economy will see an increased value in human life.

Also, I believe that the perception of the masses will change and that people will begin viewing strangers as uniquely crafted, spiritual beings, all capable of a different perspective, beneficial to the collective whole.

But what will the economy look like in 50 years?

I believe that the masses will seek a stronger currency, as well as a humanitarian relief effort for all peoples, in the form of food and shelter.

But what will the implications of those decisions be?

For starters, it will mean a greater appreciation for human life… but also economic and social consequence(s). Which is to say, “through every wave of technology, it feels as though we lose something of ourselves,” in this case we may lose our instinctual awareness, physical speed and perceptions of trust…

This reform is a perfect example… “universal food and housing,” which creates a greater appreciation for human life, but also takes another step towards overpopulation.

Once again, with gains will come loses…….

But what about, “the hard facts,” what about the federal budget and how will we maintain a stronger currency AND eliminate poverty? And if, “the poor minded grow rich,” then is that not the very fabric of inflation itself? Aren’t the weak minded, who find themselves in positions of power, not the surest sign of inflation, itself?

How will the economy maintain a stronger currency and focus on eliminating poverty?

And I believe that answer lies in currency, which I believe will once again evolve. Whereby, once again… this has happened before, many times throughout our countries history. Furthermore, I believe that in 50 years… food benefits and government subsidized housing, will actually break apart from the current 1 size fits all version of, “money,” that we all know and love today. Whereby, I believe that America will begin to form private sub currencies, like crypto-currency and even evolve different government currency(s), as well. In fact, perhaps this has already taken place abroad, particularly in countries with larger population densities and fewer jobs. Can you say, “social security tokens?”

But what if the government gave people, “food vouchers,” instead of, “food money?” And in many ways, that is already taking place today through food stamp programs.

Nevertheless, in….. “today’s system,” grocery stores are re-imbursed through government spending, through common currency. Which is inevitably why I think we need new sub currency’s……

Why should 7/11, Walmart, etc…. get to stand at the mouth of government spending? (Furthermore, why is Walmart benefiting from that type of government spending, when they’re business model is what created this, “jobless economy,” in the first place?)

For that reason, I often feel; honesty, integrity and a balanced budget, have seemingly already fallen out of reach, for my generation……..

But what will the economy look like in 50 years?

And I believe that currency will divide into 3 forms;

1. Cash.

2. Food vouchers.


3. housing vouchers…..

This could occur during my lifetime, creating new forms of currency, in order to mend the current corruption and overlap, between private sector companies and federal government spending.

For this reason, I believe that these new forms of, “currency vouchers,” will actually strengthen the dollar, potentially quite significantly, while also working to wean the free market off of federal spending. In fact, I believe that of these types of new laws will be instituted as a consequence of this currency divide, however these vouchers or, “sub currencies” could then be used to;

1) Elude corporations from growing rich by positioning themselves in front of government subsidies.

2) The vouchers or sub currency’s… might also be used to pay federal government taxes.

3) The vouchers or sub currency, could then be used to purchase the same, “product vouched.” Whereby, these vouchers could resupply companies with the same product they obtained the government subsidized vouchers for, essentially using these vouchers to resupply and then sell their goods for currency, OR…. to pay taxes. Housing vouchers could only be used for housing or taxes…. Food vouchers could only be used for food or taxes, etc, etc.

Imagine a world, where real estate barons collecting social security, as rent checks, could only collect housing vouchers and use them for housing… or perhaps to pay their taxes, as well. Which was the main point of today’s article, however, there is one more evolution of money… that I’d like to discuss, before I conclude.

Because I believe that one last economic evolution, moving forward, will surround the topic of inheritance. Whereby, I also believe that a lot of greed and corruption today, often stems from wealthy individuals, who seem to believe that they’re somehow, “eluding their families from labor,” through growing excessively rich.

Which is comical to me………

And due to that greed, I don’t believe that inheritance will be allowed in the form of currency, in the near future. To be clear… I view inheritance like giving a black belt, to a kindergartner, because it makes the currency meaningless to the beholder and undermines other people’s hard work. Also, beyond that ideology, inheritance rarely survives 2 or 3 generations anyway, because in my opinion… it often creates a lack of respect for the beholder, not to mention encourages more greed.

So… there you have it, that’s how I believe the economy will change… 50 years from today…..

But how do you think the economy change in the next 50 years? (*Comment below.) The rest is up to you.

-William Larsen, Founder of Civilians News