Can The War On Terror Ever Be Won?

November 27th 2015 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – Will The War On Terror Ever End?

Can the war on terrorism ever be won?

I think it can.

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That’s the topic of today’s article; the information surrounding, “the war on terror,” and whether that war… will ever be won.

During the night of, November 13th, 2015, terror attacks struck the city of Paris, killing 130 victims.

But what do Americans today, truly know about, “the war on terror?” Why do these attacks continue to occur? And who is committing these atrocities? Furthermore, what initiatives can be taken to qwell future violence, or perhaps end the war entirely?

Most Americans are aware, that according to mainstream media outlets, seemingly secular groups such as both, ISIL and Al-Queda, pose a threat to America’s way of life. That’s how it’s broadcasted to us on our American news networks, anyway. Furthermore, US news networks often point to religious, Middle Eastern extremists, in the wake of any and all, seemingly random acts of violence, now-a-days.

Often the attackers are portrayed in the US, as egocentric, or seeking to harm the western world, often times over religious convictions. It’s also portrayed that these terrorists themselves, sometimes act to oppose America’s economic constructs (IE the World Trade Center attacks). Nevertheless, as an American civilian, I feel like that’s how, “the war on terror,” is presented to me, by the American mainstream media.

Now, with that being said….. do I think that if someone went around asking Americans today, to name 3 terrorists….. that many of us could do it? I would guess that most Americans, myself included, would struggle to do so…..

Name 3 terrorists?

1. Bin Laden.

2. Uhm….


3. I’m drawing a blank.

And this vague interpretation of the war on terror, through American television networks, creates unfamiliarity with America’s enemies. This is also likely done for a variety of reasons, however, I believe, that the American populous is under-educated, on this war today.

Will history inevitably characterize, “the war on terror,” as a series of heinous murders and violence? Will this war inevitably require the need for new memorials every 5 to 10 years? Or, will these attacks forever become rationalized by history as vague mass media broadcasts, forever?

This is the single worst dystopian future, that Civilians News hopes to avoid, by discussing this war today.

Ultimately, if civilians from opposing lands don’t speak to one another, in terms of the issues causing the violence, as opposed to simply finger pointing through the mass media, then, will the war on terror ever end? In this way, the war on terror itself, has become just as much about how terrorism is portrayed in the global media circus, just as much as it’s become about the seemingly random acts of violence and the attackers themselves, in my opinion.

Terrorism in the US is often portrayed as radical and religious, extremist behavior. This form of terrorism, is most often portrayed in through the American mass media, as simply, “crazy and tyrannical.” But who is the face of these terrorist organizations? Who supports these terror groups? And, who is funding these enemies, who the US has spent hundreds of billions of dollars fighting, since 2001? Furthermore, where can the Western World and the people of the Middle East, find common ground?

Because until the world has had that conversation, in and around the mass media, then it feels like this war on terror, may never end. Also, this has seemingly created a situation, where the world often appears to be sitting back and waiting for the next tragedy to occur.

Until American and Middle Eastern people, have that conversation, at the grass roots level, than it feels like vague mass media rhetoric will actually delay peace, while civilian populations blindly follow along.

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That’s the focal point of today’s article.

“Can the war on terrorism ever be won?” And I believe it can. Nevertheless, the way that I see the war on terror ending, isn’t simply through guns and violence, third world conflicts, or random attacks at home….. Instead, I believe that the war on terror will end, through the very portrayal of terrorism itself. However, this solution, requires a shift in the mass media, towards a humanistic approach to the news, as well.

Why is the world waiting for the next tragedy to occur, as opposed to simply placing accountability and focusing on ending the war itself? Conversely, it often feels like prolonging this vague interpretation of terrorism, will in essence lead more Middle Eastern nations, to become indoctrinated with hate towards the Western World.

To re-iterate, I believe tntil the mass media takes the initiative to educate the masses, in regards to ideological differences… than nothing seems like it will ever change.

The war on terror itself, is in many ways mental; a war of information and media, that perhaps cannot be ended until civilians from both sides of the world come together and say;  “this is why violence is occurring, these are the differences we have with your society, our society etc, and this is why murder has so often become the outcome of those differences.”

Perhaps the US government already sees terror as an unstoppable force, resulting from an economic/trade burden? Nevertheless, these are the conversations that people need to be having.


This makes ending the war on terror, a two fold issue….. which means that in order to end the war, 2 things have to happen;

First, nations involved must follow some form of doctrine, or democracy, maintaining their government’s obligation to the people’s will….

2nd, all nations involved must interact and communicate their differences, with the goal of ending these random acts of violence…

All too often, Americans are simply sitting and waiting for the next tragedy to occur and i know im beating a dead horse but we as Civilians, cannot allow this war on terror to become a never ending chain of violence! This never ending chain of violence and memorial, simply known as, “the war on terror,” is simply unacceptable, to wiser people.

And maybe, just maybe….. if the term, “terrorism,” was examined, through the mass media, than perhaps resolutions could be found. If foreign populations communicated these ideas, while simultaneously terrorists were instead viewed as, “people,” and not just labeled as, “terrorists,” by the mass media, then maybe the world could end this violence…..

And then perhaps… one day… the war on terror will come to an end.

-William Larsen