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By: William Larsen  – Civilians News –  “News For All Views”   

Civilians News is a community of readers with the intention to create real, lasting change, without partisan bias.

Civilians News was founded in 2011, on the principal of “news for all views.”

Civilians News works to unite, rather than divide America’s voice….

This is because;

-Often times today politicians are holding the same debates they were having 30, 50 and even 75 years ago, in terms of job creation, militarization, deficit spending and the environment. 

-60k military veterans are homeless, on any given night in America.

-In terms of the federal government, oil money has often become more important than the fate of the human race, IE Keystone XL Pipeline. 

-When the effects of climate change are accepted by 97% of scientists (including NASA), yet Congress continues to deny these facts, we must use our voice!

-When America is in a never ending, “War on Terror.” While simultaneously many Americans feel unaware of the circumstances abroad, we must use our voice!

-When a piece of garbage the size of Texas, is floating in the Pacific Ocean, we must use our voice! 

-When “The Board of Education,” refuses to evolve after 50 years of monotonous teaching, we must take a stand!

-And in particular, when Occupy Protesters are battered and beaten by police, or worse…… someone has to speak up….. And we are those people.

Out of that fire, Civilians News was born…..

Independent of lobbyists, with no partisan bias, Civilians News is a community of readers seeking attainable goals to make our world a better place.

Civilians News…. “News for ALL views”….. 

Because when major news networks put profits and partisanship before our future, Civilians must take a stand!

So join us…. follow us on social media and actively engage our website, CiviliansNews.com!


William Larsen;

-Founder of CiviliansNews.com, 2011.


About the author:


William Larsen is a freelance journalist from Walled Lake, Michigan.

William is an alumnus of Central Michigan University, where he attained a bachelor’s degree in political science. In 2010, Larsen attended law school for 1 semester, but dropped out before completing his first year. Larsen tested into law school with a 152 L.S.A.T. score.

William is an avid; philosopher, futurist, entertainer, political pundit, clear minded thinker, conservative and progressive voice, voice of the homeless, voice of the youth, and a blogger. William has actively protested in several movements across the United States, dating back to 2006.

In 2006, William participated in the Iraq War protests, held in Washington D.C… Today, Larsen is an active participant in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which began in 2011, when he began CiviliansNews.com….

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