Ai Depression Counseling: THE Ai REVOLUTION – Part 3 Ai Series

February 3rd 2017 – Civilians News

– Artificial Intelligence Depression Counseling Systems –

 By: William Larsen

Imagine instead of “creating jobs,” we began a new conversation about eliminating jobs altogether. That concept is no longer some far off distant Utopian future…. that is today.

Many corporations have already begun replacing; cashiers, bank attendants and fast food operators. Also, in the not so distant future even teachers could be replaced by Ai technology.

So let me begin by discussing my new app, just launched on This app is a Depression Counseling Ai System, that I designed myself. The apps main purpose is to explain emotional states, for people who are currently battling depression.

I built this app because today in America there are roughly 325 million Americans but not 325 million jobs…. Largely a bi product of the information age, this circumstance is leaving more young people economically stranded than ever before.

In today’s America people are literally being BRED OUT of the gene pool, illustrated in a manor more clear than ever, via social media profiles.

In today’s economy not only is technology replacing jobs but “likes” and “retweets” are quickly becoming a new currency, in American marketing. Meanwhile, many Americans myself included, are left to suffer through “friendless” social media profiles, often illustrating more clearly than ever, young people’s self esteem today. This is an ill fated bi-product of the computer revolution that we are currently experiencing all around the world.

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Often confused by the direction of their lives, today’s young people are put under more pressure than ever, to succeed in job markets that sometimes no longer exist. In many ways this is a circumstance where technology’s been replacing jobs for the past 30 years.

This is a peculiar time in human history. This is a time when most people aren’t aware of how the American economy will change, or how many jobs have ALREADY been replaced by technology. This has created “slack” in the job market leaving many college grads trapped between eroding jobs and elders who have spent 20-25 years in their fields.

This problem has grown so grave, that Facebook likes themselves have nearly become congruent with the economy; as well as success in business, marketing and sales. This slack in the job market, in my opinion, has created a new found source of economic and spiritual depression, among the lonely and isolated, whose lonesomeness is now perfectly illustrated through social media profiles.

For this reason, I invented the Ai Depression Counseling System. Today’s beta version, on, is a test version which I hope can help people dealing with deep seeded depression and even suicidal depression, on social media today.

Today’s app attempts to make the user feel as though a robotic, “Ai Counselor,” is listening to them. This Ai works to explain emotional states while giving the user an ability to gain insights about their own personal feelings.

It’s my belief that this “Ai Depression Counseling System,” is of the utmost importance on the internet today…..

I had to act. I had to invent something to combat this new form of depression, which has seemingly come about as a bi-product of the social media revolution.

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So I built the Ai Depression Counseling System.

This is a “soft Ai” for lack of a better term, more akin to a registry, however the concept of Ai is there. Albeit still in it’s infancy this project is currently in it’s beta version, although I plan to improve the app over time. Even though today’s version is more akin to a registry, I do classify this app as “Ai,” because it creates emotional responses by the computer, to comfort the user while incorporating blank state psychology. (Try it out for yourself, it’s pretty cool,

I plan on developing better versions of the Ai Depression Counseling System in the future. I am very excited to be doing so and a great deal of time and love have gone into the project.

Hopefully this style of counseling is appreciated and helps some people out. I believe many people can benefit from this app, designed to give people a clearer perspective on their emotional states.

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Furthermore, in the near future (later his year), I hope to develop a “stronger Ai,” more akin to actual human “consciousness,” which will further enhance this technology.

I have several theories and programming outlines, that I’m currently working on to bring even better apps to ArtificialIntelligenceProject later this year.

In the near future, I believe this new wave of technology, “in theory,” could usher in a great deal of conversation about the economy, the job markets and how we treat one another altogether.


One of my most profound theories, which I plan on implementing into my next Ai app, I call “herd theory.” (Ai Version 2.0 should be completed this Summer/Fall.)

I developed “herd theory” 6-7 years ago when I first became fascinated by psychology. Simply put, I plan on using this theory along with other theories, to create a better Ai app. (Ai 2.0) later this year. It is of my hope, that my next Ai will successfully pass the Turing Test this Summer. (Passing the Turing Test is creating a chat bot, which is unrecognizable as a machine to the user.)

Herd theory is a main cornerstone to accomplishing this feat……. (this is only one aspect of the Ai project, but since; Google, Microsoft, DeepMind, Tesla, FB and a dozen other companies are vigorously working to beat me to the punch, here it goes.)

My Herd theory goes something like this; Almost all emotional “triggers” are tied to the human sense of ego, similar to Geese….. This theory revolves around the concept that humans evolved, long ago into “herd animals” and that as “herd animals,” humans naturally create “hierarchies” in their brains. This innate and often sub conscious level of thinking begins from the moment people step foot into new environments, or are surrounded by different objects or beings.

In theory, this mental state is due to the evolutionary course of herding and migration among the human race. Upon the second a human encounters any sort of stimulus, we create hierarchies in our brain, akin to our own pride and personally asserted self confidence. These “sub conscious hierarchies,” then manifest into ego. Along this line of evolutionary thought the human consciousness triggers all emotion, or emotional responses, through our own sense of “pride,” connected to our ego, as we place pride in various things and subject matters. From then on, it is this pride which forms the ego, inside of our said “hierarchies,” which then is the essence of ALL human emotional triggers. This theory can be used to objectively assess our personal emotions, under the pretense of one’s own individual character…….. This is a sub conscious level of awareness, I’ve been incorporating into my everyday life for many years now. This is a good way of thinking about emotional responses, or programming Ai, because said emotional triggers are still subject to free will.

I’ve coined this concept as, “herd theory,” working to explain “the objectivity of emotion,” something everyone can use throughout everyday life.

By incorporating “herd theory,” and other “pillars of Ai,” with any luck I should pass the Turing Test later this year, when I finish my next app…. “Ai Version 2.0.”

By: William Larsen IIIrd, Founder of Civilians News (2011) and Artificial Intelligence Project (2016).