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When Will Advertising Change?

November 30th 2019

And I’ve recently begun to wonder… “who decides the ethos of advertising?

Or rather, should cold calling be illegal?

And not only that… but should advertising laws be changed entirely? Because specifically, due to modern technology… as well as the growth of data driven businesses… advertising laws have never felt more vague to me, personally. And especially living in NYC today, I’ve quickly realized that the economics of the West Coast (tech sector) and the East Coast (financial district) are fundamentally in disagreement (*specifically pertaining to the politics of job creation and the porn industry vs restaurant owners and migrant workers). But furthermore, I find that the issue of advertising is particularly appallingly in terms of day to day business, within America today.

Which is to say… that I often feel as though business ethics are drastically regional in this country. But specifically, in practice and not rhetoric, the people in LA will literally employ all of their daughters to perform pornography, in order to create, “liberal arts jobs,” while simultaneously… the people in NYC will cling to their free market ideals by also forcing their sons to work in Chinese restaurants… and neither side seems to mind. (*But each coast has a, “sin bin,” so it seems… in terms of the lower class job market.)

Nevertheless, in my opinion… this debate over, “ethical advertising,” ultimately becomes about what we reward as a society… just as much as, “core ethics,” themselves. But what is business? What types of businesses should people entertain? And how should we create sales? Where the bottom line here is, “how should we drive sales.”

Because behind that bitter partisanship tug of war, concerning business ethics and which systems reward which types of people… there always seems to be this fundamental concern… over the very fabric of business and specifically the exact method(s) of SALE. For example, have you ever seen a women with big boobs selling car insurance? It’s unreal… but that’s a social niche that we reward in today’s economy. Yet, whether you view that as a problem or not… is completely up to you… however, I’m simply noting, that for better or for worse… that is one way to win the game of, “sales/business,” in today’s US economy. Yet, should that be changed?

And in a lot of ways… this is perhaps why E-bay’s made selling retail and particularly person to person, “seemingly obsolete,” in modern times. Because it is unfair to some people and a lot of the rhetoric surrounding, “business,” particularly in the US education system today, is truly lip service.

And I joke with a friend that he simply, “stands guard,” at the local car dealership, which I truly find to be somewhat of an inconvenient truth.

And it’s true… a lot of, “sales people,” simply benefit from selling an item of need… at a good location of service. Then often times these same people go on to lecture everyone else about hard work, despite never designing or creating anything themselves. However, as our society evolves… we need to discuss HOW to go forward rewarding people… especially in this new, “internet economy,” as sales become increasingly skewed towards favoring; this person, that person, girls, minorities and Erik Trump. And here’s another example of why I believe that, “sales ethics,” needs to be further re-evaluated in the American today… because why not exclusively hire models, as news anchors? Which Fox News basically does already…

And actually, why give ugly people jobs at all? Attractive employees brand their company’s better, don’t they? Prettier people drive more sales and have more social media followers, on average, so company’s can stand to benefit from hiring better looking people, right? And that’s how you make money, right? And in a world where decimal points of percentages have become increasingly important… why should any business fight over pennies? Especially when hiring exclusively attractive people, could give them the edge?

AND QUITE HONESTLY… THIS IS WHERE I FUNDAMENTALLY DISAGREE WITH A LOT OF, “LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS.” And perhaps this is a topic that you don’t hear about nough… but it’s something that I personally feel the need to write about on…. while conversely, the old guard will typically play stupid when discussing these types of topics, then speak in ambiguity… often times after hiring 5 of their nephews, who then marry their PR staff’s and yet, act oblivious when confronted by these types of issues.

But the point that I’m trying to make is that under this umbrella of, “business ethics,” the rules of sales keep changing and particularly due to technology, sales has changed. And furthermore, I don’t see education changing at the same pace at all, as well as how we reward business’ entirely.

Nevertheless, our current leaders continue to play stupid when their beautiful children win… but how often do you hear about trends in physical appearance, concerning people committing suicide? Which I believe is also information that our aristocracy frequently omits from the media and yet, I view this type of information as the most important news of any kind and yet, this type of subject, the appearance of the dead for example and patterns of the deceased, or the chronically depressed, never seems to be divulged through the news! Even when to me that’s like literally the most, “news worthy content.”

But imagine if people who most frequently killed themselves all had similar physical features… and isn’t that almost more, “news worthy,” than anything else?

AND I’M STRAYING OFF TOPIC BUT IS COLD CALLING ILLEGAL? And should it be? Is that, “good sales?” And what is, “good sales?” And what is success?

But first, let me go back and explain some of my own biases concerning this topic because back in 2010, I worked for LA Fitness, as a sales clerk.

And this is a real life sales job, not college… right? Whereby, this was my 3rd job after graduating college… in 2011. But how did LA Fitness teach me sales? Well obviously they had me walking into nearby grocery stores and harassing local grocery store shoppers to buy gym memberships!

And should that be legal? Or how about my Brother, working at the car dealership for 60-70 hours a week? Which was how they taught him sales, as well.

Then, my younger brother also worked for Quicken Loans… and while his office did literally hundreds of millions of dollars in profits annually… his boss would routinely set unrealistic sales quota’s. Furthermore, this was after Quicken Loans had strapped him to a headset and automatically dialed, and dialed, and dialed again… forcing him to practice cold calling, all day, for years at a time. And that was how Quicken Loans taught my brother sales… similarly to LA Fitness.

BUT LITERALLY STRAPPED TO A HEADSET LIKE HAMSTERS, working at an office that probably did 1 billion in profits, nationwide… for 50k a year.

So what is sales? What has it become and what is the future of it?

Because who should be allowed to put a bill in your mailbox? Basically, is what I mean… and when you really get down to it… who is this government rewarding with all of this uncertainty and ambiguity? Because these days we don’t teach any of this in terms of the specifics. Whereby, in fact it’s mostly jargon and BS at the college level and street level.

And we can’t all afford cell phone satellites, with proton engines firing off into space to drive our consumer base. Yet, 1 cell phone satellite is apparently worth a gagillion dollars / per month, in today’s day and age… WHICH I MIGHT ADD, if it were a choice between spending your whole life slaving away at Taco Bell… or alternatively building one space satellite, then you’d probably choose to build one space satellite, right? And I bet that a lot of people could build that satellite, if they were given the proper tools.

But… long story short… how often do people in this country even wonder, “why is it legal to advertise across the country?” Where today people complain about, “jobs,” but why do people derive profit’s from someone else’s labor 1,500 miles away in the first place? Because if, “jobs,” is really the problem… then wouldn’t eliminating inter-state commerce solve the job’s dilemma? Because by simply forbidding companies from advertising in foreign places or forbidding companies from controlling markets over; 200, 500 or 5000 miles away… you could essentially create thousands and thousands of local jobs.

And by pushing out foreign investors, the only negative consequence would be that people like Susan Desmond Hellman could no longer be on the executive board of 4 different companies at once.

AND IF REPUBLICANS REALLY CARED ABOUT JOBS… then we’d be talking about limiting… major companies… not expanding them to compete abroad or allowing one person like Warren Buffet to run all of NYC from 1200 miles away, in Iowa.

But in conclusion, this could all be done rather easily as opposed to a situation like we have today, where these people just play stupid and act like, “oh Detroit is just a city where you have to work at Wendy’s.”

(For-d acres… and the Ford family does literally nothing but take from this state.)

-William Larsen, Founder of Civilians News