Declining Murder Rate Suggests A Transparent Economy Is Becoming Possible

April 23rd 2018 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– Declining Murder Rate Suggests Transparent Economy Becoming A Possibility –

Less than 300 homicides, occurred in NYC, this past year.

That was a record low and a far cry from the nearly 2,200 homicides, which occurred here in 1990. So, with that being said, what are the implications of this down-turn in violence?

In my opinion, the biggest implication of this trend, revolves around implementing subway systems, in other cities, nationwide. Specifically, I believe that violent crime is the number one reason why other cities do not have subway systems, like New York.

I also believe that this trend signals a legislative cornerstone, towards passing reforms aimed at economic transparency. I believe that these things could occur due to declining violence, because economic transparency is an issue often silenced by violent crime.

With nearly 9 million people in NYC, less than 300 homicides occurred this year, despite some of the worst economic disparity in the world. Although, working in Manhattan, I can attest that some of this pacifism is also seemingly a bi-product of an increasingly foreign population. For this reason, it is of my opinion, that the current composition of the city, in terms of an increased immigrant population, has also contributed to this downturn in violence.

Nevertheless, what could occur, due to this sharply declining murder rate? I personally believe that this trend could lead to a number of things, including an increased support for both, economic transparency and financial honesty. Meaning, that with the murder rate dropping, economic institutions might increase transparency, particularly in regards to home-ownership and retirement planning.

-William Larsen, Civilians News