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Civilians News – The Future Of Internet News!

October 4th 2015

The internet changed everyone’s life.

Where now, as opposed to watching television... people can sit at home on their couch and watch, “people.” And in many ways this past time is easier than ever before, via the information super highway. Furthermore, this is one way that the internet is reshaping society. In fact, through-out this transition many social evolution’s have also occurred. Nevertheless, this tech trend has also spilled into the economy… whereby, in today’s job market, people frequently submit their work with the click of a mouse.

And according to Google, around 40% of the world’s population has access to the internet today. Yet, even more astounding is that people are no longer just posting cat memes, whereby, according to, 1 in 5 Americans now work's from home and presumably, "online."

But do you remember the first time that you had a conversation online? Didn’t it feel a little bit awkward, particularly when bringing the things you said online up, later on in real life or, "IRL," as it's often called today. Perhaps that same conversation, that you had online, later on just wasn't, "the same," in real life despite being the same subject matter and opinion?


Image from William Larsen IIIrd screen shot.

Social media has seen historic rises in consumption over the past decade. Furthermore, many companies today, now schedule everything they do, online. This is true of everything from appointments, to job interviews and in this way, many business’ now greatly rely on the internet to connect directly with their consumers.

This phenomenon is known as, “the internet startup,” and it’s perhaps the most intriguing evolution of technology, in recent history.

With a little bit of tech savvy someone can build a website today, generate traffic and create a small business right at home! Never before in human history, was the pursuit of happiness so straight forward!

However, “the internet startup,” has also created a cautionary tale, both in America and abroad and this danger, in many ways has AND WILL influence how people will use the internet moving forward.

Historical Connection

In the early 1900’s, signs began to flood Times Square. Signs for hotels, manicures, drinks, cola’s, legal services, farming and all sorts of commercial goods and services began springing up. In a dog eat dog economy, soon these signs became, “the new American marketing platform.” Shortly after 1900, these signs became billboards and those billboards began to cover every spec of ground that was visible to the human eye. This is very much the same phenomena we are seeing online today.

The Internet Startup

So, how does the internet, namely; Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, decide who they recommend their viewers, to consume?

Because, as more and more business’ take to the information super highway, it has already become increasingly difficult to garner the audience needed to create profitability.

Furthermore, imagine if Google or other search engines unfairly diverted web traffic to only a select few internet businesses? This could potentially create a great deal of future inequality and political corruption.

What if Facebook or Google... only sent web traffic to their own personal and corporate clients? This is a very scary proposition… and this potentially dystopian future is kind of the direction that we’re currently headed! In fact this trend could have a wide range of negative implications, both for Civilians News and other small business’ around the world.

For this reason; recently a fight in the Supreme Court took place, regarding internet provider’s ability to adjust the speed of wireless service, in favor of corporate clientele. This case fell on deaf ears for many Americans, but represented a very historic turning point for internet business. Furthermore, this type of legislation is in many ways allegorical, of a turning point for the future of information and the consumption thereof, as we know it.

The Future Of News

This paradigm is especially interesting when it comes to, “the future of news. Ultimately some parameters have been put in place to allow for a, “fairer,” internet, but recent court battles, have marked a critical turning point for the development of the internet itself. Imagine what could happen if those companies controlling the bulk of web traffic became more concerned with profit, than Americans themselves?

In conclusion, what’s most important to remember during this evolution, is how the internet develops for consumers moving forward. How internet businesses evolve to help clients in the future, who which companies favor and how we divide online wages themselves… may very well shape the future world economy. Furthermore, many of these decisions have yet to be made and not only that, many of these decisions will depend on our voices to determine the new era of information and communication. THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS!

For this reason, established in 2011, Civilians News has come into fruition. Civilians News was born on April 5th, 2011, with the goal of providing, “news for all views. Civilians News was established free of corporate bias, with the goal to counteract the daily news cycle. In this light, Civilians News has begun. with the goal of bringing American’s unbiased and unfiltered news coverage, directly from the grass roots Americans we speak to everyday. Hopefully, our readership grows over time and our readers *(YOU!) can help us develop into an online platform which is dedicated to free speech, progress and turning negative news into change.

Thank you for reading. Civilians News! NEWS FOR ALL VIEWS!

William Larsen – Founder of!