Is Artificial Intelligence… The New Psychology? Part 4 – Ai Series

July 5th 2017 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – Is Artificial Intelligence The New Psychology?

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In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence is a subject matter and not a “field,” or “niche.”

Ai majors? Why not?

Artificial Intelligence, or “Ai,” is often viewed as an inexact science. Nevertheless, in many ways, Ai is no different than other sciences. In fact, “Ai” is really just a combination of; statistics, computer science and psychology. This makes, “Ai,” scholastically similar to other subject matters, and also, an evolution of, “subject matter” itself.

For these reasons, I believe Ai should be re-classified, in it’s own form of science.

The only reason Ai is still considered “unproven,” is because human robotics, have yet to become a fixture in people’s daily lives…..  Yet, today this field remains more accustomed to science fiction and horror movies, even though, Ai is becoming more and more ingratiated into society. This is particularly true, due to the importance of Ai, in terms of future space exploration.

Nevertheless, this field is very relevant, very important and deserves classification, as it’s own subject matter entirely….. Math, Geometry, Geography, History, Science, Psychology, Ai.

Galileo was once mocked by scholars, when he invented the telescope. This occurred because centuries before, a philosopher and theologian, named Copernicus, previously declared, “the heavenly bodies in the sky, could never change.” Copernicus wrote doctrines on heaven and hell, far before Galileo’s life-time. This led public opinion, to in turn challenge Galileo, even after Galileo had observed, “changes in the cosmos.” Due to this scientific struggle, today Astronomy is considered it’s own pillar of science, since removed from religious persecution. Now, fast forward 350 years… and in that same light, I feel, “modern Ai” deserves similar credibility.

-William Larsen, Founder, Civilians News