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Land Of The Injured: How Disability Crippled America

October 4th 2017

I haven’t seen a doctor in over 10 years, however, on that fateful afternoon I recall getting stitches after falling off of my bicycle, while still in college.

A pretty normal reason to go to the hospital? Right? I think so.

Yet, today in America 1/5 Americans… currently claim, “disability status,” in order to receive disability benefits. Yet, in total… that means that 60 million Americans are currently receiving disability benefits, today.

And worse yet, to add to these troubling statistics 42 million more Americans are also receiving food stamps and 56 million more senior citizens… are currently receiving government backed, social security benefits. Whereby, today an estimated 140 million Americans are currently receiving some form of government based income. However, at face value this appears to be both economically inefficient and a direct challenge to free market economics. Nevertheless, with that being said, “is this a free market at all?” (Statistical reference link.) And, let’s take that one step further… because at this moment in history there are 6 empty and often rotting homes, for every 1 homeless American, on the streets today. (Statistical reference link.)

So how is that a free market? Particularly when our government has such a substantial role in deciding these finances? Which is to say, that I wonder at what point do these issues become systemic, or institutional, as opposed to individually based? And is this a competitive economy and how many people have to fail, before our society makes retirement planning more manageable? Or, does everyone just end up relying more and more on government backed social security… for decades to come?

-William Larsen, Civilians News