Revoking Senior Citizens Right To Drive, At 85

June 28th 2018 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– Revoking Senior Citizens Right To Drive, At 85 –

After touching on a few, “hot button topics,” last month….. I can’t help but feel like, just mentioning certain issues, bothers some people…..  and that bothers me, to be honest. That’s because, it shouldn’t be viewed as, “taboo,” to talk about every-day issues, like public education, or immigration.

With that said, this is another such article….. This is another article where a good number of people, are probably going to say… “Well I whole heartedly disagree, and that’s because; my cousin’s, sister’s, brother’s, cousin’s, friend, is 98 years old and she drives in Nascar.”

And while that might be true……

The fact of the matter is… the roads are unsafe.

According to Google; “A study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, shows that seven out of 10 Americans are currently taking at least one prescription drug. The most commonly prescribed drug is antibiotics — taken by 17 percent of Americans — followed by anti-depressants and opioids — each taken by about 13 percent of Americans. – June 19, 2013.”

7/10 Americans are currently prescribed to pharmaceutical drugs…… by a doctor…….

Furthermore, according to, car accidents were the 4th leading cause of death, in 2013. To be specific, 136,000 American deaths were attributed to car accidents, just 5 years ago. To put that number into perspective, 5.2% of all deaths in America, that year, occurred behind the wheel of a car. Meaning, 1/20 Americans, who lost there lives, in 2013, died in a car…… We’re not a nation of mathematicians, either, I might add.

*4: Accidents

  • Deaths: 136,053
  • Rate: 42.7
  • Age-adjusted rate: 40.5
  • Percentage of total deaths: 5.2 percent

And in the wake of these statistics…. in conjunction with other factors, such as; intoxication and global warming….. I can’t help but think it’s time to take comprehensive measures to increase the safety of America’s public transit. Furthermore, while I know that Subway Systems…. are simply….. too awesome, for most American cities…. I can’t think of another way to increase, “the safety,” of America’s public transit…… So, I suggest we increase public safety, by revoking senior citizen’s right to drive, after the age of 85, in order to keep the rest of America safe…..

-William Larsen,