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Crypto Currency And Trade Wars!

August 31st 2019

Why is an ATM fee 2 dollars? Yet, a play on Spotify pays the artist only .0006 cents?

Don’t artists exude more labor on their music… than application developers, who code the ATM machines? And henceforth, shouldn’t artists be paid more?

Or am I wrong? Because in a world where encryption powers online banking… people often forget that digital information, at it’s core, is still just binary code (coded by 1’s and 0’s). Thus, for financial data to remain safe, this binary code is at a constant liability… meaning that encryption is virtually all that even protects financial data, today. Nevertheless, even with, “encryption,” I would say that musicians still endure more pain to produce their product than application developers do producing theirs. So why do applications developers get to charge more than musicians?

And I believe that answer is, they shouldn’t be able to… but because of corporate mechanism they have! Whereby, in my opinion, transaction fee’s should be .00006 as well, in my opinion.

But this is because I believe that, “super encryption,” at the highest levels of Ai and application development, isn’t even that complicated, when compared to music. And what I mean by that is… maybe a hacker can break into your bank account but stealing your money is a totally different animal, whereby technologically speaking encrption is wonderful but backing up financial records easily allows banks to assess large changes, making encryption only half of the online banking game of cat and mouse, between hackers and banking institutions. And this makes the most difficult part of the application development…. the encryption, which is in essence, not all that complicated a bit of a hot button issue, today.


  • Did the user’s account balance change dramatically?
  • Was the IP Address… where the user last logged in, unusual?
  • And did the user’s balance change abnormally (based upon their previous transaction history) and what was their previous balance?

And those, “stop gaps,” or post login forms of encryption… are really what stops 99.9999% of cyber-crime today, not the encryption of block chain itself. (Although, those little asterisks shielding your password from onlookers… still works to some extent, as well.)

Nevertheless, by using these, “stop gaps,” AFTER DATA HAS ALREADY BEEN BREACHED, even when breached through computer hacking… encryption services, anti-virus software and banking software, can still detect abnormal changes and then correct them… which in essence makes encryption/cyber security, not really all that difficult, in terms of tech.

(*And Ai is way harder than cyber security, in terms of tech jobs… in my opinion. Although… encryption is a pretty cool field with high level math and big numbers.)

But that is basically what I think is going on right now… in terms of the baby boomer economists, who have somehow argued in favor of; encryption, software developers etc, making more money than other professions, seemingly unfairly, in my opinion. And personally, as someone who has worked in both fields, I find it to be both shameful and somewhat racially motivated, that this is so, as well.

But, let’s re-examine this… because in my opinion this circumstance has also become an issue pertaining to something else that we don’t talk about nearly enough in America today, which is, “occupational evolution.”

And lest we forget that baseball was probably initially a way for diggers, some of whom likely carved NYC’s subway systems to show off their strength… henceforth… this is why baseball salaries… continue to reward shovel strength today, under the pretense of occupational evolution!

Which sounds off topic but what I’m really saying is that financially, we don’t want to over-reward musicians… because then socially… we don’t need a million artists on Spotify IE pro-sports, which is the counter argument to my assertion that musicians deserve more than data theft coders. And this concept of a trade war between the fields of music and coding opposes free market economics, in some ways, as well. For example, where pornography would just dominate the entertainment industry, in a totally free market, what we have today is not entirely a free market economy. Furthermore, this is also a big part of the reason as to why, “transaction fees,” are so much steeper than Spotify plays, financially speaking, today.

Yet, where this issue gets even messier going forward… is concerning, “crypto-currencies,” like Bit-Coin, which is in essence Silicone Valley’s, “encryption services and data protection platform,” monetized for the public. Whereby, the math behind these encryption services is likely to be very dynamic, however, that’s basically all that this online currency is, encrypted software.

Nevertheless, I view crypto-currency as a troll… and not just towards the people who aren’t paid as well but a troll towards very specific foreign governments and other professions, as well.

And can you say Brazilian Real? So why is crypto currency real? Because of encryption? Because of code?

And I believe… that this push towards, “crypto currency,” is being done intentionally with the intent to cement, “the encryption niche in tech,” as a viable income source, while simultaneously rewarding high level mathematicians monetarily. Yet, unfortunately, this happenstance has also simultaneously trolled the success of other professions. Whereby, to be clear, I think that we’re creating jobs for math guys and trolling foreign aristocrats and people like musicians, with crypto currency.

And imagine bit-coin millionaires? Brazilian Real? What’s the difference? And this was seemingly predictable 4-5 years ago, when convenience stores in America started profiting off of government backed, “food stamps, which in many ways are very similar to, “crypto-currency,” as well.

Nevertheless, I mean… why should young people have a say in any of this though? We didn’t build New York, so, move along with, “project expense report,” and charge us all to use Google search I suppose.

-William Larsen,