Why Social Security Should Be Made Available at 57 Instead Of 62

November 2nd 2017 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views”

– Why Social Security Should Be Made Available at 57 Instead Of 62 –

The social security system is abundantly overpopulated, and obnoxiously dictated. Today, the American social security system, has a budget of nearly 1 trillion dollars. Furthermore, retirement now-a-days, is rarely in the form of a pension and almost always comes in the form of social security. Nearly half, of all baby boomers, retired through this program, (3 out of 5 according to Motley Fool, statistical reference link). Furthermore, those who did actually work towards, and then receive, “a pension retirement plan,” often time’s still collect social security checks on top of their pensions, to this day.

For those reasons, I believe social security should be made available to those who are 57 years of age, or older, and have paid into the system throughout their adult lives, (here in America). Nevertheless, the current minimum age to receive social security retirement benefits, today, is 62 years old.

For this reason, I believe the minimum age requirement to collect social security, should be lowered from 62 to 57.

I believe this type of legislation, would work towards 2 goals….

  1. It would create jobs, by allowing senior citizens to retire at 57, leaving additional jobs for the people who need them most. Think about it, do we really need seniors working at the grocery store past 57 years old?
  2. It would allow many seniors to enjoy more of their lives, with an added time frame to pursue other interests, possibly even innovations. This also might alleviate some tensions from the pharmaceutical industries, who currently provide medication to ailing seniors…. This is my opinion.

I’ve previously written several articles about cutting the social security budget altogether, however, I find this change pertinent and progressive.

By: William Larsen