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Why Social Security Should Be Made Available at 57 Instead Of 62

November 2nd 2017

America’s social security system has become increasingly overpopulated, particularly over the past 2 decades. Furthermore, at this moment in time our social security system’s budget is nearly 1 trillion dollars / per year, the most it’s ever been. Whereby, retirement now-a-days rarely ever comes in the form of a private pension plan and almost always comes in the form of social security benefits, today.

but to be clear, nearly half… of all baby boomer retirees, retired through this program. (Actually 3 out of 5 according to Motley Fool, statistical reference link). Also, for the one’s who actually did create and receive, “a private pension plan,” often times they receive BOTH social security benefits and their private pension plans (to this day).

So, for those reasons, I now believe that social security benefits should be made available to people who have; 1. reached 57 years of age and 2. have paid into the system throughout their adult lives. Nevertheless, the current age requirement to receive social security benefits, is 62.

Although to re-iterate, I believe that the minimum age requirement for social security retirement, should be made 57.

Furthermore, I believe that this type of legislation would work towards 2 goals.

  1. It would create jobs, primarily by allowing senior citizens to retire at 57, leaving additional jobs for younger people. (Grocery store?)

  2. This would also allow senior citizens to enjoy more of their lives, with an added time frame to pursue other interests, possibly even innovations and small businesses. In turn, this could also alleviate tension in the pharmaceutical drug industry, which currently provides medication, for ailing seniors, on the job….

And in conclusion, I believe that by adjusting the age requirement for seniors to receive social security benefits, America would be making a positive change.

By: William Larsen