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The US Defies The UN
--Aids The Israeli Military

December 28th 2023

This is not the article that I wanted to end 2023AD on.

In fact, I had a nice article outlined for December about Artificial Intelligence and how the benefits of Ai could transform our world for the better in the decades to come, particularly concerning manual labor and public education... but that article will now have to wait. Unfortunately, Drake is fighting with Drake again, so this month the whole world needs to pause and send out 5 trillion dollars in humanitarian aid to a country that only allows 1 religion to enter it's borders freely.

Can you tell that I was denied the courtesy of a, "taglit," as a child? True story, I applied to go to Israel via the, "taglit program," as a teen but I was denied entry for not being of Jewish ethnicity, when I thought that Judaism was a religion? Which I'm still unclear on.

Regardless, when making sense of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict it's almost like deciphering, "the ratings war," between Oprah and Jerry Springer... nobody loves either show but by allowing 1 to exist, the rest of the world feels empathetic towards the other. And actually that's a pretty good metaphor for the war in Israel vs Hamas, today. Where frankly, most people in the West tend to dislike both ethnic groups, Jews and orthodox Palestinians and the fact that they've once again chosen to fight against one another... almost feels like a political opportunity rather than a contest of military strength, whereby, niether country possesses an Earth shattering military the likes of; Britain, Germany, Russia, the US, China and even India.

Nevertheless, here we are today, once again deciphering the logic behind violence that has shaken two sides of 1 country over a dozen times since 1950. I won't go into the full history of the conflict between Palestine and Israeli Jews... but dating back to the Roman Emperor's Hadrian and Vespasian... Jews had been removed from Israel due to religious persecution by the Romans but in 1945, after WWII, the Jewish ethnic group was given Israeli territory to escape ant-semetism in Eastern Europe as a reperation from WWII. Since then, however, fighting has erupted in Israel more than 5 times between the Palestinian's who had occupied the region before WWII and European Jews who have since supplanted them and regardless of whether or not the Palestinians are more deserving of the Israeli territory or not... the Israeli Jews claim to this land is also a complex matter which dates back to Ancient Rome when the Jews were originally expelled from Jerusalem by the Roman Emperor Vespassian.

Palestine And Hadrian

In fact, "Palestine," was originally the title chosen for the tribes who occupied Israel in the 1st Century AD by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, whom I personally believe was making a, "dig," at Africans in Roman society at that time... by re-naming this territory, "Palestine," or, "palest I know," as I believe Hadrian had intended to put it some 2000 years ago. Or in essence, this territory now known as Israel has long been a predominantly MIXED RACE TERRITORY spilling into the Roman Empire and the ownership of this land has long been of great dispute.

Whereby, dating back to the ancient, "Roman World," and even the Greeks and Assyrians before them, there was both an ethnic and religious element regarding the debate over this Israeli territory and it's mixed race inhabitants tendency to funnel into Europe vs staying in Israel and remaining there in their own, "mixed race sovereignty," and this territory surrounding the seaports near Jerusalem was long contested by; the Greeks, Romans and Alexandrian's arguing over immigrants from Asia and Africa coming into Europe through Israel, in turn effecting the ethnic makeup of; Italy, Greece, Egypt and the rest of Europe TO THIS VERY DAY!

But let me describe this situation another way. The United Nations or, "the UN," who's stated purpose is, "fostering international peace," supported military aid for Ukraine almost immediately after violence between Ukraine and Russia began in 2023, regarding Russia's seizure of Ukrainian sea-ports. However, regarding military aid for Israel the UN was/is not so steadfast in their approach... with many nations supporting the Palestinian side of this conflict. And it's not a secret as to why. In fact, in many ways this single conflict has become a spearhead for a greater disagreement that's been brewing between the Eastern and Western World for decades. In fact, in many ways this conflict epitomizes a global dispute regarding the West and government welfare programs world wide. Whereby, the Palestinians who occupied Israel before WWII tended to live a more Agrarian lifestyle, similar to the Iranians today vs their Jewish counterparts who have modernized much of Israel. Where in contrast, Iran, which continues to seek isolation vs inclusion from the Western Economy, along with North Korea and Moscow (in some regards) tend to idealize a more conservative approach to government spending and technology. And this military tension based upon economic difference of opinion is somewhat religious in nature but not in terms of strict Islamic or Orthodox Jewish beliefs but in terms of MONEY itself and how Western countries glorify excessive spending and materialism. Which is to say that many Eastern leaders, including many Chinese diplomats, Arabic diplomats, Indian diplomats etc etc... believe that money in the Western World is printed in excess in order to benefit Western leaders who idealize mass spending at the expense of religious institutions while Western leaders will then point to the East's over-population issues in response.

North V South Korea

In fact, many Muslims use technology and Western marketing as a rallying cry against the West to this day... arguing that money and in particular welfare, "pollutes the mind and creates a society based upon pleasure seeking and materialism." And it's an interesting argument, in my opinion, "that money is actually WEAKENING Western culture," but you see this same argument take place in America regarding urbanization vs rural comforts and protections.

And this is also the basis for the conflict in North and South Korea, by the way. Whereby, North Korea seemingly seeks to remain A LESS INDUSTRIALIZED nation against the wishes of the Western World.

Nevertheless, whether you think that the Palestinian's are; unsanitary, rural, "goat herders with no understanding of modern government," or whether you think that the Jews are merciless tyrants, leaning on history to justify their Mcdonalds' Empire... you wouldn't be wrong to assume that violence has already been committed on both sides of the fence. In fact, since 1950 dozens of hospitals, schools and religious institutions have been; set on fire, desecrated, bombed and targeted militarily, regarding the occupation of this territory by 2 groups of people who most ironically... are of almost the exact same ethinicity!

Nevertheless, whether you think that the Palestinian's are; unsanitary, rural, goat herders with no understanding of modern government or whether you think that the Jews are merciless tyrants, leaning on history to justify their Mcdonalds' Empire... you wouldn't be wrong to assume that violence has already been committed on both sides. In fact, since 1950 dozens of hospitals, schools and religious institutions have already been; set on fire, desecrated, bombed and targeted militarily, regarding the occupation of this territory for the last 75 years, by 2 groups of people who most ironically... are of almost the exact same ethinicity!

And more than anything I think that history ought to really take that into account, that these people fighting today are more alike than they are different! Yet, once again, we've spiralled into blood-shed. And I think that that's really the principal lesson of the Israeli conflict today... is that, "people of the same ethnicity tend to commit violence against one another the most!" Whereby, in my opinion and especially being an admirer of the Roman Empire, I don't so much recognize either the Palestinians or the Jews as the, "rightful owners of Israel," in fact, I think that the Italians and the Turks have almost just as great a claim to the Israeli territory as anybody else these days and I think that the UN doesn't so much support either side because militarily both sides could be conquered by a larger country in the end.

In fact, the UN voted unanymously NOT to intervene in this conflict and against the wishes of 40-50 other nations the US has defied the UN this year and chosen to aid the Israeli side anyway. But why does the world recognize Israel and not Palestinian's rights to occupy? And the boiling point in this dispute appears to concern OVER CROWDING caused by African/Middle Eastern immigrants which continue to trickle into Southern Europe (Italy, Greece, Spain) veiling an over-population / ethnic crisis in Southern Europe and Egypt that most world government's would rather not discuss (*much less police, imagine a government policing child birth/birth rates). Whereby, I believe that what we're seeing today in Israel is violence that is meant to synthesize a dispute over immigration and a trickle of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East into Europe that has, "pestered," European leaders since the dawn of the Roman Empire. And it's not difficult to come to that assumption, particularly because massive force has NOT been used in either Israel or the Ukrainian conflicts thus far, making each conflict seem to me like another one of histories, "fruitless wars to curtail over-population."

War And Propaganda

Nevertheless and without rambling... there is one more topic that I'd like to discuss before concluding today's article... beyond the points that I've already touched on regarding this conflict's impact on; immigration, urbanization and tensions between East and West and that's concerning government transparency/propaganda. Whereby, frankly, I don't know why the CIA feels the need to intervene on behalf of Israel in this conflict. Quite frankly, I can assume as to why the American government feels the need to aid Ukraine and Israel vs aiding Russia and Palestine but I cannot with any sure certainty say exactly as to WHY the US government has chosen to align with these 2 countries vs their opposition. Nevertheless, the lack of nuclear force used thus far says a lot about the nature of these 2 conflicts and perhaps that point more than any needs to be considered when dealing with these 2 disputes. Whereby, is total annihilation the answer to war itself? Or the cause of it?

And what happens when a dispute like this occurs between nuclear nations? Whereby, if nuclear force is NOT used today will it only set up a bigger conflict later on down the road? Or would the use of nuclear force create a bigger conflict in the centuries to come? And that's the final point that I'd like to make regarding this conflict is the media's coverage of it, which has also become something of a hot button topic regarding modern warfare in today's world.

Where in today's world not all wars are fought with bullets, in fact; computer hacking, bank hacking, information hacking and economic/political biases have all been weaponized in the 21st century to ease political unrest and curtail, "terrorism," today. However, with faith in humanity I'd like to assume... that tensions with the Middle East have led our government to support Israel and Ukraine vs Russia and Palestine because America's enemies in the Middle East and specifically HAMAS have likely begun to lash out towards white/Western people out of disdain for Western culture. In fact, I am going to assume... that the US has sided with Israel DUE TO HATE FROM THE MIDDLE EAST regarding American businesses in that region. Furthermore, I'm going to assume that the CIA recognized the Palestinian's as my country's enemy for a reason, likely backlash upon whites in the Middle East where I cannot go at this time to see for myself as an independent news outlet.

Regardless, I DO NOT KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE, although, I do know that tourists were killed in Egypt almost immediately at the outset of this conflict further indicating tensions between ethnic groups including whites in the Middle East, assumingly leading America to side with Israel. However, that's only a personal theory of mine at this time and I'm obviously not reporting from Israel with concrete claims to, "fact." So, although some data in the media might re-inforce that theory, that whites are being scorned in the Middle East due to economic tensions between East and West and that America is hence, "right," to side with Israel vs Palestine, I can't say for certain. Where again, I can assume but I don't know this to be true and my assumptions are solely based upon what I've seen and the actions of the US Govt during my life-time. Nevertheless, and perhaps the most irritating aspect of modern warfare itself, is that we as citizens simply don't know the moral integrity of our own military in these conflicts! And our government is NOT being transparent regarding their intentions and causes for this war and ultimately this violence once again feels to me... like more of an issue of OVER POPULATION than of religious persecution. But when do diplomatic solutions ever win-out over violence? When does the world ever have a reasonable plan to co-exist? And when will we discuss the root issues precipitating this war? Issues that are rarely, if ever, discussed openly in America today... causes for these conflicts such as over-population and urbanization... that get glossed over by scenes of bodies and gun fire in a never ending, "war and peace cycle," a never ending, "boom and bust cycle." And then, ultimately, how many hospitals need to get bombed before a FINAL SOLUTION is put into place?

And that's a growing sentiment here in America... that these seemingly never ending conflicts cannot be ended permanently without the use of nuclear arms... and that even in, "a nuclear war scenario," the root disagreements for this violence might still continue on!

-William Larsen, Founder, Civilians News

PS: Russia just closed their walls, I mean malls... because the West is too, "materialistic." But Fox News won't report on that aspect of the war. Which is kind of like how nobody in the American media will talk about Facebook's Sherman Anti-Trust law-suit or rent stabilization.