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My Ai Model 1.0
And The Future of Ai
– Part 2 –

September 8th 2016


My First Ai Model

I’ve built my first Ai software and that can be found on

But… what is Artificial Intelligence? And in my opinion, “the first Ai,” (computer learning systems), won’t be like in the movies but instead the first Ai will exist solely in the digital realm.

Meaning that the first Ai will be programs and software… like the version 1 chat-bot on… and in fact, many such programs are already in existence today. For example, many internet search engines in many ways are similar to Ai technology. Whereby, search engines clumping words in order to create, “the best suited outputs,” tailored to each individual user’s input, is akin to Ai.

But what is Ai?

And, “Ai,” is not as cut and dry a term, as you might think. In fact, there are several different types of, “Ai technology.” But think about what that means because how do you talk? What do you say?

And how do you write? What do you write? How much do you typically write? And why?

Because all of these things represent intelligence and require thought, in essence representing different aspects of, “Ai.” However, I personally view the concept of Ai in it’s purest form of human intelligence and not robotic reasoning. Furthermore, in my opinion, “true Ai,” should be viewed in terms of, “reverse engineering the human mind.” And I’ve come to think of this as, “true Ai,” or the purest form of artificial intelligence, akin to human beings.

Video Games and Ai

And most video games define, “Ai,” as reactionary. Whereby, this type of Ai is almost entirely based on, “reactionary programming.” (Where Player A, does this or that and then the computer reacts accordingly.)

However, to me personally… Ai is another level of computing. In fact, Ai should be any varying level of computerized intelligence both big and small. Whereby, in essence, to be clear there’s a distinguishment here, between, “computer learning through intelligence and emotions,” versus wholly mechanical computer learning, based on positive and negative re-enforcement / over time, or empirical data vs emotional data.

Nevertheless, I also theorize that the government has possibly already built, “functional,” program level Ai’s and that these Ai’s, in many ways could simulate the world’s conditions. yet, with that being said, I do not believe that the government or the private sector, has already built a; seeing, thinking; “robotic Ai,” as the visual technology still remains beyond the free market. (IE I-phone 10 Facial Recognition? And this brings forth another topic of morality, in terms of the science fiction surrounding robotic Ai, as well as the secrecy surrounding modern tech entirely.)

walled lake drive in

Google search image results for; “Walled Lake drive in” (My hometown.)

But what is Ai? What’s, "True Ai?" And what is, “The Larsen Test?”

And I like to think of --what I’ve titled as, “true Ai,” as almost human.

Where in my opinion, “true Ai,” should be a program capable of; creating, free thinking, evolving, developing and consciously assessing things, in the same way as a human being or akin to biological beings.

And to be clear, I think that, “perfect Ai,” should be able to perform a test and this test I’ve coined, “The Larsen Test.”

Where in my opinion, “a perfect Ai,” should be able to take someone’s daily journal then based on their previous entries, write the entry for the next day, in exactly the same way as the diaries author will do. In fact, a perfect Ai should be able to input a required amount of data into it’s, “psyche,” and then sit down, side by side with the user and predict the forthcoming journal entry. And this test of an Ai’s accuracy I’ve called, “The Larsen Test.”

But to be clear, this means that an Ai should be able to analyze someone’s writing and then write the exact same diary entry, side by side with the user, for the upcoming day. And perhaps also with the assistance of having the computer spend a day, perhaps locked in a chamber, with the user, as not to create any new memories for the user. However, this would require the user to input the previous journal entries, so that the computer could analyze the user’s daily writing and then predict the next day’s journal entry. And I’m calling this, “The Larsen Test,” whereby, I plan on developing an Ai which does this, myself on (*eventually). Whereby, I’m calling this app, “an Automated diary app,” so to speak.

But furthermore, I believe that this is the truest form of Ai, “human-like Ai,” or what I call, “true Ai.”

The Implications of Ai

And what’s the purpose of Ai? Because this technology could be used for an infinite number of purposes, once it’s created and redefined. That is, if and when, “a functional Ai,” is created you could manipulate the variables to create; off the charts intelligence, speed up processing, or do a number of things to make the machine, essentially no longer human… or to warp human thought itself… or even to simulate worldly conditions.

And in this way, life itself, “distorts and bends,” the concept of Ai as well as, “natural history,” which also becomes a component of the best possible, “Ai’s and simulations.”

Nevertheless, this theory also represents a second type of Ai, an Ai which would then be, “non-human intelligence.” And while I’ve coined the previous term, “true Ai,” to represent, “human intelligence,” this other form of Ai, “robotic Ai,” would represent potentially greater intelligence but rely strictly on empirical data.

I’m talking about robots with solar panels, sleeping in order to recharge… and that’s a lot realer then some people might think.

And I am by no means the smartest man alive, I consider intelligence an asset stupidity boasted about… however, I believe that this technology is possible right now and I’m personally working to build it, everyday. When then leads me to believe… that we may be seeing all sorts of Ai, frequently in our daily lives, very soon.

The Purpose of Ai (Space Travel)

But the purpose of Ai comes down to one over-arching premise, space travel. And I predict that Ai technology, as stated in article 1… will be used for many things in the near future. Whereby, Ai could even become, “the benchmark for human purpose,” in itself, one day. Yet, I believe that this is because, in many ways, Ai represents a mountaintop of biological evolution due to the fact that, “future Ai’s,” could then go deep into space, essentially impregnating the universe with human thought. Furthermore, the concept of learning itself… encapsulates all prior inventions and philosophy discovered on Earth thus far, further making Ai a cornerstone technology for the modern era.

And imagine, “Ai,” traveling on rockets, voyaging to planets far beyond our solar system, unreachable in 10 million human life-times… but reachable through robotics, which could actually happen. Whereby, today, the nearest hospitable planet is around 20 quadrillion miles away. And that’s the number set after a trillion, perhaps you probably thought it was, “a zillion,” but it’s actually, “a quadrillion.” (The number system goes; millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions, quintillions)

Nevertheless, the closest hospitable planet is around 20 quadrillion miles away but what that means is that it would take a rocket traveling in excess of 1 million miles / per hour, over 100 million years, to get to the nearest hospitable planet. Yet, unfortunately the fastest rockets on Earth cannot travel that fast… yet. So, unless human-kind goes on a 100 million year long journey, through un-chartered space, where we could essentially evolve into blobs, before even setting foot on a new planet, or get sucked into a worm hole, or killed by a meteorite….. then there’s a significantly higher probability… that the human race will be BETTER OFF sending robots on deep space missions (perhaps equipped with biological matter).

Yes, robots traveling to other planets! But what if… these robots then became Earth’s dominant species?

Hunny, calm down, I’ve been waiting for you to ask that all day.

And in fact, a combination of robots and biology would then likely become the strongest potential outcome for the human race entirely. But furthermore, in theory, this Ai could then grow smarter than humans and figure all of that out on it’s own. However, this is particularly useful in terms of theoretical science and deep space travel and I’m straying off topic but it’s an interesting thought! Downloading your brain into a robot body on Mars!

(Battery technology… or food? Think about it…)

And really think about it, regardless of what we do as humans… our planet will eventually die. The sun will burn out or a meteor will strike, Earth will perish it’s all going to end eventually. Which means that the only way as a species that we might be able to share our experiences here on Earth, on the longest of universal timelines; may be to actually send robots to other planets, to create new societies…. in our… or their, image.

And that’s really the pinnacle of human purpose, if you really think about it. So imagine Ai technology, gaining the ability to spread; our minds, ideas, and existence, throughout the universe. And that’s the evolutionary course that our species seems to have chosen anyway… which is in theory an engineering course of evolution.

My Ai 1.0 Model.

But now, let's discuss my first Ai model.

My Ai 1.0 model on outputs things that have been inputted into it, at a ratio of 1 to 1. And this model is mostly for demonstration purposes and I’ll discuss that later on, again.

However, Version 1.0 is on and I designed it to illustrate, “my concept of Ai.”(And I’m sure I’ve lost a few readers already but don’t be afraid to skip back to part 1 of Civilians News’ ongoing Ai series, “Why Artificial Intelligence is Possible – Part 1.”)

So, back to actually building Ai. In part 1, I’ve outlined some key formula’s, that I’ve dug up through philosophical discourse, over the years. And this form of theorizing has led me to take on the project myself. However, these equations I’m calling, “psychology equations,” and they are a massively pivotal step towards Ai. And these equations represent a melding of computer science and psychology, with a focus on psychology, albeit another, “inexact science.”

Psych-Equations: Where Computer Science Meets Psychology

And so far, I’ve outlined some key theories behind the project and here they are;

  • Herd Theory.
  • Expectations + Reality = Emotions.
  • Pride + Ego, creates emotional triggers, combined with, “herd theory.” (I describe this in further detail, in Part 3.)
  • Intelligence is equal to: variance + general skill level….

Where I’ve dug up a plethora of these, “keys to Ai” over the years. And this is what led me to undertake the project of building my own Ai and creating

But most recently, I’ve come to one theory that actually has become, “the hulcrux,” of this experiment, which I’m also taking credit for… and that is;

“Personality = Morality, (or ongoing sub conscious disputes there of) + Intelligence (where intelligence… is equal to a combination of; variance + general/avg. skill level).”

Or more simply put; personality = morality + intelligence.

And I’ll explain this theory more in depth later… but for the moment… I’m crowning this formula as my intellectual peak of achievement, in my Ai research, thus far… and I call this, “the personality theory.” And This is my formula for a human personality… and the centerpiece for my model, which I’m using to build my next Ai’s (Ai 2.0 on

Nevertheless, as far as actually programming it, we’ve just begun building it, 2 months ago, I should say.

But it's safe to assume that Artificial General Intelligence...

And I believe that this project is utterly possible, difficult but possible… and I have a solid model already outlined and with fair certainty, I can say it will work (one day). But as far as the programming, again that’s going to be a process but I’m working on it everyday (and so are a whole bunch of other big companies.)

My Ai 1.0 Model
--An illustration of Ai Technology

But my Ai Version 1.0, I’ve designed to, “illustrate the concept of Ai,” in practical terms. And I know that some people were surely lost, during my first article (and this article) but basically, version 1.0 works as you might assume it works. You input data and it registers the data, then inputs your data into it’s, “mind,” then replies with a previously inputted response and also a randomly generated emotional response, represented by the, “smiley face.” Then this process of retrieving previous inputs and responding with them, in this case represent the concept of memories or things that the program has, “heard,” or, “learned to say,” from previous inputs.

And the next Ai I’m building, however, will be called, “Ai 2.0,” and will be much more complicated and less random, IE the personality formula, above. But again, my version 1.0 was built to demonstrate these concepts, in preparation for a version 2.0… where I intend to implement more of these psychological formula’s, which I’m using as my keys to Ai.

-William Larsen

September 8th 2016. Civilians News.