What Does The Future Hold For Young Republicans?

October 3rd 2016 – By: William Larsen – Civilians News – “News For All Views” – “What Does The Future Hold For Young Republicans?”


What does the future hold for young Republicans?

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What does Republican even mean? From my perspective, partisanship is simply a 12 letter word that the government often uses for an excuse.

So what does partisanship really mean? Furthermore, what does it mean to belong to the GOP, a.k.a. “Grand Ole Party?”

Well……… as a card carrying…….. tax paying……. American conservative… I can tell you exactly what it means to me.

So let’s dig into some opinions;

I feel like there’s a strong base of young conservatives, currently standing apart from the Republican party. For this reason, I think the Republican’s future is very divided right now…… This is particularly true, in the wake of Trump becoming the party’s nominee.

This circumstance is currently difficult for young Americans to grasp. This is because a bi-partisan system means that the “torn” conservative party still represents 50% of the federal government, whether they’re sitting in those chairs or not. In my opinion, this is half the problem. This is particularly true in Congress, especially in terms of coming together for common sense environmental and housing reforms. This is a situation, which in essence has become less about pointing the finger at our own government and more about party instability… *This is my opinion.

The Republican’s are torn……

I currently see 2 groups of young Republican’s emerging in America today. To make matters worse, I view these 2 groups as completely different.

On one hand, you have a group of mostly silver spoon “tea drinkers,” who hold ultra nationalist beliefs and consistently support corporate bias. This group is predominately endowed by their ancestry and consistently blames America’s problems on other groups of people……

On the other hand….. you have a group of young voters, with Rand Paul Sr.  style beliefs, who essentially view the government as overarching, or standing in the way of their financial freedoms. At the surface both sides appear equally conservative in nature…. Yet, in reality 1 group of conservatives is consistently representing the marginal .00001% upper class, while the other group essentially representing the much broader scope of the Republican base…..

So now you have 2 groups of young Republicans……. in my opinion…. and it’s unclear which side will eventually represent the future of the party……

This is a very important moment for Republicans. This is because the issue of leadership in the conservative base holds a great deal of future implications……..This creates a scenario, whereby if a young Republican leader is not found in the coming years, a lack of leadership could lead to even worse gridlock in the federal government. In turn, this dispute within the Republican party, could impact ALL Americans in the future.

Furthermore, this lack of leadership among conservative voters, could even change the party dynamic altogether.

The core issue…..  (*This is an opinion article.)

So now you have a Republican party, led by Donald Trump. In my opinion, Trump is doing a fair job in terms of juggling his own party’s instability…. However, this issue really comes down to leadership……. Who among the “young Republican base,” is fit to take over the party in years to come? Should another Ivy League candidate, divided from the poorer side of the base, take over the party? Or, should the Republican base continue to evolve into the party of the wealthy?

Furthermore, is Paul Ryan fit to lead? Ryan, with his anti-union, ultra conservative economic policies might be the future leader. In this way, the leadership of the Republican party, in many ways will come to signify the direction of the party altogether. In turn, I could also see John Boehner labeled “fit” to lead, but by that time who’s to say what the Republican base will even stand for. Other than that, it’s really unclear who “could” lead such disorganization.

The silver spoon Republicans; don’t care about the environment, don’t believe in global warming, prefer tax breaks for the wealthy and typically don’t care about anything but profits and profit sharing. The “silver spoon Republican group” is composed of mostly older Republicans, who need healthcare but don’t want to pay for it and often clamor for lower taxes.

This is a group; who typically don’t believe in unions, typically don’t believe in labor laws and who typically don’t even believe in paying taxes half the time, making up one side of the Republican base.

That is 1 isle of the Republican base today……. That’s the “old guard of the GOP.” That is the older Republicans who predominately focus on busting teacher’s unions and trolling the President with filibusters. This group steadily works to create opposition, as opposed to actually giving even the slightest care about their constituency, or the future of this country altogether……

On the other hand, there’s a totally different, younger, growing Republican base…… This base stands under the same umbrella, yet this group is mostly independent, young and hard working. This group is predominately made up of people who simply desire a fairer shot at the American dream, who also believe in lesser government.

These hardworking young conservatives, often wish to see smaller government and fairer economic policies. Yet, this group is divided by “silver spoon Republicans,” who seemingly want to send everyone else to war…..  This has led to many young conservative, feeling lost in the shuffle. This creates a circumstance, where in essence one group of conservatives has become marginalized simply for seeking a greater appreciation for nation building at home. This situation is poetically illustrated by Trump’s leadership today.

So which direction will the gridlocked party go?

I WANT to be a Republican. I WANT to believe in smaller government and more efficient trade…. However, I don’t see those conservative values, within the “sole conservative party,” here in America today. This is particularly true, in terms of conservation.

Wouldn’t a TRUE conservative party, believe in “CONSERVATION?” (Read my prior article about conservatives and conservation, here.)

Furthermore, a true conservative party would believe in limited social services for retirees, including the elimination of treacherously expanding social security. (Read my article on “Welfare Reform,” here).

For these reasons, I believe what we have today is not a true conservative party at all. Who’s in charge? Which direction is the party going to go? And when will the older, silver spoon Republicans step aside?

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On a less important note, I would also like to see the GOP renamed, possibly in the near future…. This is because I feel the name itself, “Grand Ole Party,” has failed the test of time. This name is outdated, as signified by the current state of Washington DC…… Perhaps something like, “the Pioneer Party,” would be a good name change for the GOP, moving into 21st century politics. This might help the Republican base usher in a new era of America politics and possibly bring together the “torn” conservative party.

Such a name change would forever bookmark this era in American history. Also, this name change could signify America moving on, perhaps ending an era of intense partisan divide and federal government gridlock.

-William Larsen, Civilians News, News For All Views……