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Is Medical Marijuana A Strategy To Dismantle Obamacare?

November 21st 2017

The order for which… a government chooses to undertake distinct changes in policy, often dictates the future of policy itself.

(Read also, “Alternative Evolution: music in politics and making medical school free”.

Furthermore, this phenomenon is particularly apparent in the adaptation of both… medical marijuana and universal healthcare.

In fact, today in California over 1,000 medicinal marijuana outlets currently operate. Also, 29 states in total have overturned criminalization of the drug (statistical reference link) in recent years. Furthermore, this social acceptance has consequentially led to publicly displayed marijuana paraphernalia… on almost every street corner in the United States.

Whereby, it’s not uncommon anymore… to see a peace pipe for sale at the local gas station.

And while many Americans have conflicting views on this trend it’s cultural acceptance has long been ingrained in American culture, particularly within the baby boomer generation.

Also this change, in particular the decriminalization of the drug… combined with efforts to sell the drug for medicinal purposes… has already led to a plethora of social side effects. Economically, the marijuana industry is estimated at over 10 billion dollars this year alone. Nevertheless, that’s a substantially large black market which has left many corporations to wonder when the drug will go from, “Mom and Pop growers,” to full fledged big tobacco companies.

Furthermore, in this way the steady, “free for all,” surrounding the capitalism, surrounding the drug, have already begun foreshadowing a future where marijuana is socially accepted.

However, as a civilian, I have mixed opinions on this seemingly dystopian future… for a variety of reasons.

First off, I empathize with the incarcerated… particularly those arrested for selling the drug before de-criminalization occurred. Also, I applaud law enforcement for decriminalizing the drug yet demand consistency. For many years… I believe that law enforcement officials have taken, “a lenient stance,” on persecuting marijuana offenders, although maybe that’s not enough. Nevertheless, overturning these laws creates a legal grey area, which many law enforcement officials probably do not want to take to task.

So in my opinion, I personally disagree with the new found legalities surrounding marijuana. Furthermore, I find that medicinal marijuana may be an economic ploy, possibly aimed to detriment the political backing of, “universal health care.”

If everyone is smoking weed… will universal health care pass?

Furthermore, if medicinal marijuana is ingrained in the remaining states and accepted nationally (*which I hope it won’t be), then will marijuana be sold in gas stations? Will pizza companies advertise the drug? And what will the marketing become?

What if everyone became bitter towards Obama-care… because millions of Americans, “medicinally smoked weed?” Whereby, often times I find that Americans already struggle with obesity and overpopulate local hospitals, so will marijuana legalization affect that also?

Nevertheless, with that being said, I prefer universal healthcare and view this trend towards legalized marijuana, “as an obstacle to that future.”

Furthermore, there are 2 main reasons as to why I disagree with full-on legalization of the drug;

  1. The drug changes the complexion of the user’s eyes. This is a fact, which is incredibly troubling, evolution-arily.

  2. I believe that the illegality of the drug… has in many ways given it, “it’s luster,” within American society. In fact, by keeping it illegal… I believe that it favors local growers, over big corporations, while at the same time giving disadvantaged youth… a means for learning, “business,” without attending college.

And that’s why medicinal marijuana is such a deep issue, in my opinion.

Because also, what if in the wake of marijuana legalization… Republicans fight back… by say… legalizing sport’s betting? Is that the future we want for our children?

-William Larsen, Civilians News